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Coming up with gift ideas for the perfect presents can be a difficult task, whether you’re buying for her or for him. We aim to help you in your task by sifting through all the chaff that’s out there and only suggesting and recommending the best products on the market.

Whatever special occasion you’re buying for, from special birthdays to graduation to retirement, our aim is to help you choose the perfect present that will delight the recipient. After all, a carefully chosen gift shows just how much you care; it proves you’ve taken the time to put thought and effort into your purchase.

Gift ideas

Special birthday gift ideas

30th Birthday Ideas

30th birthday ideas

Your 30th birthday is a bit of a funny one, isn't it? It feels like it should be a major ...
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Fantastic 18th birthday gift ideas and inspiration

18th birthday gift ideas for him

Your 18th birthday is one that you never forget, although your memory of the actual night may be slightly hazy ...
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40th birthday gift ideas for guys

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Guys

They say that life begins at 40, so if you know a guy who's approaching that major milestone in life ...
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Ideas for 21st birthday gifts for guys

21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Guys

Whether you're looking for 21st birthday gift ideas as parents, other family members or just as friends, we've got some ...
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Ideas for special occasions

These ideas for cheap Mother's Day gifts prove you don't have to spend a fortune on the perfect present

Cheap Mother’s Day gifts ideas

Mother's Day is the perfect time to show your mum how much you love and care about her. Why not ...
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These Mother's Day gift ideas will give you inspiration for what to buy Mum on her big day

Marvellous Mother’s Day gift ideas

What better time to show your Mum just how much you care about her than on Mother's Day? And what ...
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A selection of suggestions and recommendations for great Father's Day gifts ideas

Ideas for Father’s Day gifts

Father's Day is your chance to show your Dad just how much you love and appreciate him. Therefore, it's important ...
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Product reviews

In addition to gift ideas and recommendations, we also review a wide range of products so you can also make informed purchasing decisions in everyday life too.

Whether it be the latest fun gadgets, kitchen equipment or grooming products, we try to have it covered.

Kitchen gadgets

What's the best filter coffee maker on the market? Read our reviews to find out.

What’s the best filter coffer maker?

If you like strong coffee with a unique taste then filter coffee is for you. And modern technology allows you ...
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Struggling to choose an instant hot water dispenser? Read our reviews of the best hot water dispensers on the market.

Best hot water dispensers reviewed

Instant hot water dispensers are incredibly useful gadgets which are growing in popularity. We review 5 of the best hot ...
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We review 5 of the best handheld steam cleaners on the market

Best handheld steam cleaner reviews

The best handheld steam cleaners can make it so much easier to clean those awkward spots where dirt and grime ...
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Reviews of 5 of the best air fryers on the market in the UK

A look at 5 of the best air fryers on the UK market

Can you enjoy a guilt-free fry up? Yes, you can, courtesy of an air fryer! We nominate our best air ...
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Reviews of 5 of the best kettles for hard water

The best kettles for hard water

Without the right kettle, the quality of your hot drinks and the life of your equipment can suffer. We take ...
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Reviews of the best coffee grinders on the market

Best coffee grinder reviews

The best coffee grinders not only give you great tasting coffee, they also give your home that enticing fresh-ground coffee ...
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Male grooming

Best beard trimmer reviews

Reviews of the best beard trimmers

It's important to care for your beard if you want to look your best, and for that you'll need the ...
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Buying guide and reviews of the best hair clippers

The best hair clippers

We take a look at some of the best hair clippers for home use on the UK market in 2018 ...
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Reviews of the best head shavers

Best head shavers

Our choice as the best home head shaver on the market is the Bald Eagle Smart Electric due to its ...
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Outdoor equipment

We review some of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market

Reviews of the best inflatable hot tubs

Updated for 2020! We take a look at some of the best inflatable hot tubs on the UK market today ...
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Camper looking out of one of the best family inflatable tents on the market

Reviews Of The Best Inflatable Tents For Families

So, you're deciding to spend your vacation in the great outdoors. Oh, and you brought your family? And you're thinking ...
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Picture of sky for article with the best home weather station reviews

Best home weather station reviews

We review some of the best home weather stations available on the UK market. Jump straight to the reviews. Whether ...
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Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews 2016

Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews 2017

Regular kayaks are expensive which puts them out of the reach of a lot of people. If this is the case for ...
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