The Best Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews

Best Artificial Christmas Trees
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These are some very good trees

As the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and one thing that really helps to make it so special is a high-quality Christmas tree. And many people opt for an artificial tree to avoid the problem of falling needles and also having to dispose of the tree once Christmas is over. Here are our reviews of the best artificial Christmas trees:

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews

WeRChristmas 6ft Artificial Tree With Lights

If you’re looking to recreate the classic Christmas look and feel, then this beautiful 6ft artificial tree from WeRChristmas is just perfect. It comes with 300 warm-light LED lights that give a wonderfully warm and cosy feel. And the lights have eight different settings including flashing, chasing, twinkle and fade. Or if you’re like us and prefer a steady light, you can have them on static. One of the things that tends to annoy about modern Christmas tree lights is that they don’t remember your favorite settings and you have to go through and change them each time you turn them on. Not so with the WeRChristmas tree lights as the controller has a memory to save your settings.

The tree itself looks magnificent and the berries and pine cones help to make it look truly authentic. The branches of the tree are permanently attached to the trunk via hinges which means there’s no messing around fitting them when setting up, or removing them when taking down. So putting up the tree is incredibly quick and easy.

We heartily recommend this tree if you’re going for that warm and cosy nostalgic Christmas look, evoking memories of Christmas in classic movies. If you’re short of space it also comes in a 5ft version, of if you’re lucky enough to have more room you can also get a 7ft version.

Christmas Concepts 6ft Fibre Optic Indoor Artificial Tree

Fibre optic trees are popular because there’s no messing around with strings of lights and trying to work out which light bulb has blown to stop the lights working. This 6ft fibre optic tree is a really nice example, with its hundreds of colour changing fibres. The lights have a number of different display settings.

Like most fibre optic trees, it’s very quick and simple to put up and easy to store too. And it looks great! It’s very full and bushy and the lights really do create an excellent atmosphere in the dark.

If you’re looking to add some sparkle and beautiful lighting effects to your room this Christmas, then this tree is just the job.

200cm Ambassador Artificial Pine Tree

This skinny tree is a fantastic choice for those without much space as the tree’s diameter is only 56cm.

Despite its thinness, the tree looks beautiful and substantial, not thin and weedy at all. And the snow-effect pines create a wonderfully Christmas feel.

The branches are hinged to allow for easy putting up and taking down of the tree. The tree is also flame retardant.

Adding some fairy lights to this low-priced tree lets you create an authentic and beautiful Christmas look at a very reasonable price.

7ft Slim Green Colorado Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

This tree takes a little longer to put up than the others that are reviewed here, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Once finished, you’ll have a magnificent looking, bushy tree that really is stunning. It’s also very sturdy and stable. Indeed, this tree is suitable for use as an outdoor tree too.

The best thing about this tree in our opinion is that you can easily bend the branches to whatever shape you want, so you can get exactly the look you’re aiming for in your tree.

It’s also available in black and white too, if you’re looking for something other than a green tree.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees – Summary

Hopefully these reviews of the best artificial Christmas trees will help you to find the perfect tree for you this year. We wish you a very merry Christmas!