Secret Santa Gift Ideas For £10 Or Under

Secret Santa gift giving has become a popular part of modern Christmas celebrations, especially in offices up and down the country, with most offices restricting the amount you should spend to around £10 or less. It can be hard to think of something suitable to buy though, especially if you don’t know the person whose name you’ve drawn all that well. But to help you out, here are some of the best Secret Santa gift ideas for £10 or under at Amazon:

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas £10 Or Under

Funny Pretending To Work Mug

Is the person you’ve got to buy for renowned for their lack of dedication to their job?

If so, this “Pretending To Work” mug makes an excellent Secret Santa gift idea.

Just make sure they’ve got a sense of humour!

Bullsh*t Button

This novelty bullsh*t button is great for letting someone know what you think of what they’re saying.

This makes an ideal Secret Santa gift for colleagues who are known to get a little impatient with people!

Highly inappropriate but great fun and is bound to be popular in the office.

Toilet Football Game

Do you have a work colleague who is known for disappearing to the lavatory for long stretches of time?

If so, then this toilet football game will make a hilarious gift.

It will let them wile away the time while they get down to their business, so to speak!

Six Pack Beer Belt

If your colleague or friend enjoys their alcohol, then this is the perfect Secret Santa gift idea for them.

They’ll never be short of supplies again with this six pack beer belt!

An excellent gift idea that’s sure to raise a laugh.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Highly topical and definitely not a crap gift!

This Donald Trump toilet paper will certainly make its mark with those of a political disposition.

Or if you prefer, Amazon also do a Hilary Clinton version too.

Secret Santa Tote Bag

This amusing tote bag is guaranteed to raise a smile when it’s time to hand out the Secret Santa gifts.

It’s 100% cotton and high quality and durable.

The perfect gift if you’ve no idea what to buy someone!

Top Secret Job Mug

Funny mugs always make good Secret Santa gifts and this one is no exception.

In fact, it’s perfect for raising a laugh with its amusing message.

An ideal Secret Santa gift for any work colleague.

Crazy Calculator

This crazy calculator is the perfect gift for an office colleague with a sadistic sense of humour.

When you use it in normal mode, it works perfectly just like a normal calculator.

But switch it to crazy mode and instead of giving you the answer, it’ll give a sarcastic message instead. Great for pranking colleagues!

XXL Wine Glass

This huge XXL wine glass will hold a full bottle of wine!

A great gift for the wine-loving colleague or friend, they’ll no longer have to bother re-filling their glass.

Unless they want to drink more than a bottle, of course!