Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

It’s that time of year again (how quickly it seems to come around these days!) when thoughts turn to the office Secret Santa. Most offices will have a sensible limit of around £10 on gifts but if your office is particularly stingy and full of tight-wads, you may have a limit of £5 for the maximum spend. While this does have the advantage of saving you some cash, it also makes finding a good gift much trickier. Fear not though, because we’ve done the hard work for you and come up with this list of the best Secret Santa gifts under £5. Some are funny, some are slightly risque or downright obnoxious, all are great Secret Santa gift ideas that are sure to be a hit in the office!

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

Paladone Face Mats

These funny face mats really are a complete hoot!

You just clip them under your nose and voila! You’ve got a funny face – an even funnier face than normal!

They’re great for those office party photos and as there are 20 mats included there are enough that the whole office can get involved. Indeed, the mats have different faces printed on each side so in effect there are 40 different funny poses you can strike.

These are very popular on Amazon and are sure to cause lots of hilarity in your office. A truly funny Secret Santa gift idea!

THE DAILY MOOD Desk Flipchart

If the person you have to buy for is known for their ever-changing moods, then this desk flipchart from Fred & Friends is a perfect gift.

This neat little flipchart contains 47 different pages each with a different mood so the owner can demonstrate to everyone just what sort of mood they are in today. Each mood is illustrated visually and also comes with a witty description.

The flipchart also comes in a gift box meaning you don’t have to go to the effort of wrapping it! A great gift idea for a work colleague with a sense of humour.

Anti-Bullshit Mints

Do you work in an environment where the rank whiff of pure bullshit frequently permeates the air? Is your colleague fed up of taking crap off people?

If so, then these anti-bullshit mints from Boxer Gifts make a great little Secret Santa gift idea. The next time someone starts bullshitting them, they can just offer them one of these mints to suck on. Problem solved!

An amusing little gift for those who work in an office where humour is appreciated.

Novelty Face Mask

With the text, “F*ck off”, this novelty face mask is definitely short and to-the-point and will unquestionably get the message across that the wearer is not to be disturbed!

Ideal for when flying, at home when the wearer doesn’t want to be disturbed by their partner, or even in work when they’re trying to sneak in a nap!

Note that although the text as described is censored, on the actual item it isn’t so this is not a suitable Secret Santa present for those who are easily offended. You can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Shot Spinner Drinking Game

This shot spinner drinking game is guaranteed to help the office party get into the swing of things!

Played just like spin the bottle, you simply pour a shot into the shot glass and then spin it. Whoever the arrow lands pointing at has to drink the shot down in one.

Simple but amusing drinking fun that is sure to get everyone full of festive spirit (literally)! All you need is a bottle of your favourite shot drink and you’re ready to go.

Ladybird Book Of The Meeting

If your office is one of those where there are far too many meetings, often just having meetings to discuss meetings, then here’s a great idea for a Secret Santa present for a colleague who is suffering from meeting fatigue.

Another in the long line of hilarious Ladybird books for grown-ups (or big kids, at least!), this Book Of The Meeting focuses on office life and in particular the mind-numbing and pointless meetings you are forced to attend.

A great office Secret Santa gift for those who like a laugh!

Prosecco Lip Balm

For the lady in your office with a taste for the finer things in life (not to mention a taste for alcohol!), here’s a fantastic idea for a Secret Santa gift!

Now she can solve the problem of dry and chapped lips at the same time as experiencing the taste of her favourite tipple.

This small tin of Prosecco lip balm comes in an attractive box and makes a beautiful little present.

Warning Coaster

This warning coaster is perfect for those who work in a stressful office environment.

It’s printed with the message, “Warning I can only please one person a day. Today isn’t your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.”

So not only does it perform the useful function of preventing marks from cups or mugs on the owner’s desk, it also performs the even more important function of lowering people’s expectations of the owner. Which can only be a good thing, right?

£5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Hopefully, these ideas for Secret Santa gifts under £5 will provide you with inspiration and you’ll be the best present giver in your group. If not, don’t worry – there’s always next year; it’ll be here before you know it!