Kindle Oasis Review

Kindle Oasis ReviewThe latest addition to Amazon’s Kindle family, the Kindle Oasis, comes in at a whopping minimum price of £269.99 which makes it the most expensive e-Reader on the market today. But is it worth the money? Find out below with our in-depth Kindle Oasis review.


Kindle Oasis Review

We apologise to our non-technical readers but we can’t do a Kindle Oasis review without looking at its technical specifications, as they’re fundamental components when it comes to making the decision about whether to purchase one or not.

Technical Specifications


The Kindle Oasis comes in two versions – one with WiFi connection only and one with WiFi and 3G connectivity. The WiFi only version is £269.99, while the 3G version is £329.99. The 3G version may be £60 extra but you don’t actually pay any 3G connection charges for downloading books – Amazon covers the cost of this.


The Oasis shares the same 6-inch screen size as all its siblings in the Kindle range, and it also offers the same 300 ppi resolution as the Paperwhite and the Voyage. The front light has been redesigned though which results in a much brighter display – 60% brighter than other Kindles, in fact.


Despite this, the Oasis weighs 20% less than any other Kindle. The actual weight is 131 grammes for the WiFi-only version, and 133 grammes for the Wifi + 3G version. With the cover on (more on the cover later), this increases to 238 grammes and 240 grammes respectively.

Kindle Oasis Review - ThicknessDesign & Dimensions

The Oasis also features a tapered design where it’s thicker at one side than the other. The idea behind this design is to provide an ergonomic grip by shifting the centre of gravity towards your hand making the Oasis easier to hold.

The thickness narrows from the side where you grip it to only 3.4 mm at its narrowest. This makes the Oasis on average 30% thinner than any other Kindle and the design does indeed make it very easy to hold for long periods.

In fact, you can comfortably read for hours at a time without feeling any strain. Amazon have also added page turn buttons to the Oasis which lets you easily turn the page with either hand.

Because of this new design, the thick side of the Kindle has a wider edge meaning the Oasis is slightly wider than other Kindles, despite the screen being the same size. The actual dimensions are 143 mm x 122 mm.

Battery & Cover

When it comes to battery life, the Oasis really does excel. This is due to its uniquely clever design. The leather cover that’s included in the cost of the Oasis also serves as a battery – it has a built-in lithium ion battery.

When you connect the charger to the Oasis while it has its cover on, both the Kindle and the cover batteries are charged. The Kindle battery alone will provide up to two weeks of battery life and once this has died, provided you have the cover on, it will start recharging from the cover battery.This adds around seven weeks of extra battery charge.

It’s not possible to buy the Oasis without this cover (which is made from premium-quality leather and comes in a range of colours), and this is the reason behind the high price. The charge time for the battery is about three hours.

Kindle Oasis Pros And ConsKindle Oasis Pros And Cons


The redesigned display that the Oasis features makes reading a pleasure in any lighting conditions. Because of its front-light design, it’s far kinder on the eyes than traditional backlit e-Readers. You can read for long periods of time without any noticeable eye strain.

The Oasis is also very comfortable to hold in one hand for long periods too, thanks to it’s unique ergonomic design and extremely light weight. The new page turn buttons are also a big plus, making it easy to turn the page with either hand.

Another big plus of the Oasis is its exceptional battery life of up to nine weeks. This is due to the included leather cover that acts as a second battery when needed. The actual battery life you’ll get in practice depends on your usage and the light settings you have configured.

The Oasis includes 4 GB of on-device storage. This is plenty of storage space – enough to hold thousands of Kindle books. You also get free cloud storage too for any books you purchase from Amazon.

For the 3G version of the Oasis, Amazon pays the connectivity charges for any book downloads. So if you’re going to be downloading lots of books when out and about, this is a great feature.


The only real downside to the Kindle Oasis is the high cost. It’s much more expensive than most other e-Readers. That said, it does set a new standard in quality, comfort and ease of use. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

Kindle Oasis Review – Summary

The Kindle Oasis is easily the best quality e-Reader on the market. It has the best, easiest-on-the-eye display that sets a new standard in reading comfort. It’s also by far the most comfortable to hold, especially one-handed. If you’re going to be reading for long periods at a time, it really does stand out as being without competition. All that quality and comfort does come at a premium price though.

The Kindle Oasis is scheduled for release on the 27th April, 2016 and you can read more details and pre-order it by clicking on the link below: