Gifts for Minecraft fans

Do you know someone who is a huge Minecraft fan? The chances are that you do because it’s a phenomenally successful game, selling well over 100 million copies to date. And if you do, it can make things simpler when it comes to choosing a gift for them. After all, as you’d expect, the success of the game has spawned plenty of Minecraft merchandise and goodies. Here are some of the best Minecraft gifts for kids (and big kids too!)…

Minecraft gifts

Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle

The first gift on our list is also by far the biggest and most expensive! That’s because it’s the Xbox One S Minecraft bundle.

Included in the bundle is a 500 GB XBox One S console, a wireless controller, HDMI cable, power cable and, of course, the full Minecraft game download.

As an additional bonus, you also get the Favourite’s Pack and the Builder’s Pack with lots of extra content.

This is obviously going to be a huge hit with any Minecraft fan!

Xbox Creeper Controller

If the above Xbox bundle is beyond your budget or the lucky boy or girl for whom you’re buying already owns one, then the next best thing is this fantastic Minecraft creeper wireless controller.

It has an extra long wireless range and textured grip to make gaming more comfortable.

The controller is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing it to be used on computers and tablets too.

And it looks great as well, which is always important!

Transforming Sword And Pickaxe

One of the most fun Minecraft gifts for kids of all ages has to be this 2-in-1 transforming sword and pickaxe.

One minute it’s a sword but just push in the handle and suddenly it’s a pickaxe. Pull the handle out and it’s a sword again!

Great role-playing fun and super safe too due to its construction from plastic and foam.

The only limit to the fun you can have with this toy is your imagination!

Periodic Table Of Elements

If you want to build a Minecraft landscape you need the elements included in the Minecraft Periodic Table Of Elements.

Included in this package are 27 authentic 1-inch blocks, perfectly sized for using along with the Minecraft mini-figures.

You can also use them with the Stop-Motion Movie Creator, which is available separately.

Include Diamond Ore, Air, Water, Lava and Glowstone blocks among others. A fantastic Minecraft gift!

Lego Minecraft The Iron Golem

Most kids (and big kids) love Lego, including gamers.

If your Minecraft fan is also a Lego afficionado too, then this Lego Minecraft The Iron Golem set is the perfect gift idea.

Included in the set is an iron golem, Alex mini-figure and zombie mini-figure as well as a baby pig and other accessories.

A great Minecraft gift for boys and girls of any age that is bound to get a wonderful reaction when opened.

Creeper Backpack

This Creeper Backpack is part of the official range of Minecraft merchandise.

It has the iconic Minecraft pixellated look, features inside pockets, two shoulder straps, and zip pocket on the front. This front pocket has a TNT design on the inside.

The bag is easy to carry due to its light weight and is also very sturdy and durable.

A great gift idea to let the Minecraft-loving student carry their books around in style!

Light-Up Redstone Ore

This is an officially licensed Minecraft collectible.

The Light-Up Redstone Ore is a battery-operated night light that glows softly when switched on.

A great addition to any Minecraft fan’s bedroom!

Enchanted Bow And Arrow

This Enchanted Bow And Arrow is life-sized and features the iconic Minecraft pixellated design.

It has a wonderful translucent metallic finish and the coolest thing is you can actually fire the arrow!

A great Minecraft gift for girls age 6 and over.


Now you can get your Minecraft fix on the go, anytime and any place, with this Minecraft Gameband.

Simply plug the Gameband into a USB port on any computer and away you go.

You can also backup your worlds too. Not only that, but you can customize it with your own images and messages, etc. and it looks really stylish too.

Ideas for Minecraft gifts

We’ve looked at some ideas for Minecraft gifts for boys and girls alike. Any of these presents is sure to be very well-received by any lover of the iconic game. Give the gift of fun this Christmas!