Reviews of the best cordless hedge trimmers

We take a look at the best cordless hedge trimmers available on the UK market today.

Trimming your hedge might not be the most fun or enjoyable of tasks but the fact is that it’s still a chore that has to be performed occasionally. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll do it every few days, every few weeks, or even once per month, but I think we can all agree that using cheap, low quality trimmers usually makes us not do it as often as we’d like because they make the task so much more onerous.

That’s why we’re here with these reviews of the best cordless hedge trimmers that you can possibly find on the market. Kick back, browse away and enjoy the show.

Why do you need a cordless hedge trimmer – most notable benefits

It’s pretty easy to understand that cordless hedge trimmers have an edge over their corded counterparts, but just in case here are their main benefits.

1. They’re more convenient to use

Simply put, tripping over your cord is something everybody hates. The first reason why cordless trimmers are good is because they make this scenario pretty much impossible. Also, there is always the danger of accidentally cutting the cord when using a corded model. This obviously isn’t a concern when using a cordless trimmer.

2. As efficient as corded models

There are no significant differences between corded and cordless models in terms of features. Cordless models pretty much perform exactly the same as corded ones, with the exception of the former being more convenient to use.

3. Not that expensive

Just as there are budget and high end trimmers, so the same is true of cordless models too. The price doesn’t necessarily play a crucial role when deciding between buying a corded trimmer or a cordless one.

Best cordless hedge trimmers – reviews

Without further ado, here are our reviews of the best cordless hedge trimmers on the UK market today.

Bosch AHS 50-20 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Brief overview

Bosch is a pretty big name when it comes to home products and they produce a number of excellent quality gardening tools.

We’ve picked out the AHS 50-20 as it’s easily one of the best cordless hedge trimmers you can find for the money: it’s fast, powerful, and best of all, it has a pretty powerful, long lasting battery.

Manufacturer specs, details and features

Essentially, the Bosch AHS 50-20 comes supplied with a Syneon chip, a PBA 18 vats battery pack, Softgrip technology on rear handle, a convenient hand guard, a set of specially designed teeth, and the anti blocking system.

Most people point out that one of the most best features of AHS 50-20 is its battery. A full charge allows you to use it for up to an hour.

The so called “Softgrip” is basically an ergonomic handle that allows you to trim for extended periods of time before fatigue kicks in.

What the brand describes as Anti Blocking system is essentially a form of technology that will help you cut through even the thickest of hedges and branches in the plainest fashion possible.

What we liked about this trimmer

Apart from the absolutely phenomenal features it comes supplied with, the AHS 50-20 also brings a nearly soundless mode of operation to the table. The teeth are specifically manufactured to provide optimal performance minus the noisy part.

At this point, let’s mention the importance of “low fatigue” here. The Bosch AHS 50-20 is very light, weighing only 2,5 kilograms. This makes it very easy to use for longer periods of time.

What we thought could be improved

There’s just one thing that you should be wary of. While the battery is long lasting, it doesn’t appear to be “universal” as certain people have mentioned in various reviews. What this means is that you won’t be able to use just any type of battery to power your AHS 50-20, you’ll need to make sure to use Bosch’s verified models.


  • Nearly soundless method of operation.
  • Decently powerful.
  • Great bang for the buck.
  • Long lasting battery.


  • The battery isn’t “universal” per se.
  • Not really suitable for the largest of hedges.

Makita DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer

Brief overview

Next up is Makita’s DUH523Z cordless hedge trimmer. It too packs a formidable set of features, boasts ergonomic qualities, and offers a wide array of benefits, but the main reason why we’re declaring it as one of the best cordless hedge trimmers is because it does the job a bit faster than most similarly priced models.

Needless to say, there’s plenty of cutting-edge technologies (excuse the pun!) integrated in its construction, such as the anti-vibration structure, the replaceable blade, as well as several convenience features including the battery warning indicator and rubberised grip.

Manufacturer specs, details and features

Let’s talk about the convenience features first. The rubberised grip makes it a bit more reliable to use in terms of it not slipping out of your hands. Though it’s more of a safety feature, it also significantly reduces fatigue.

Then there’s the low battery warning indicator which will notify you when the juices are about to run out. This is certainly better than simply finding out that the battery is not going to last halfway through the job.

Additionally, there’s the anti vibration technology. There are five cushions that absorb the vibrations the motor crank section and the blades are emitting.

Overall, the features of this trimmer are excellent and superior to most competitors in terms of usefulness and reliability.

What we liked about this trimmer

First of all, this powerhouse is capable of delivering 1,350 strokes in just under a minute. That’s super fast, which does also mean that you’ll have to be extra careful when handling it. The teeth are razor sharp and the fact that they spin so fast, makes this trimmer suitable for virtually all hedges.

The Makita DUH523Z is also pretty lightweight – it weighs only 3.3 kilograms. Even though that’s not as light as our previous pick, the Bosch, it’s certainly not heavy.

We also liked the many “convenience” features this trimmer provides, such as the replaceable blade, the rubberised grip, and the anti vibration structure. All of these make using the DUH 523Z very easy.

What we thought could be improved

This is not actually a flaw if you read the offer/manual top to bottom, but there are many people who fail to do so – the Makita DUH 523Z doesn’t come with a charger, or even a battery for that matter.

People who are hoping that they’d start trimming as soon as their trimmer arrives might get a bit frustrated to find that they’ll need to run to the store to get a battery before they can move on to the trimming chores. So if you do buy this model, make sure you get a battery at the same time.


  • Exceptionally fast.
  • Big cutting diameter.
  • Suitable for hedges of all sizes.
  • Rubberized grip.
  • Anti vibration structure.
  • Replaceable blade.
  • Battery warning indicator.


  • Doesn’t feature a battery or a charger (comes with a body alone).

Dewalt DCM563P1-GB 18V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Brief overview

Dewalt is another big brand in the DIY industry. They make all things industrial, from safety boots, over LED spotlights, over power tools, to gardening tools such as hedge trimmers.

In search of the best cordless hedge trimmers, we came across the Dewalt DCM563P1-GB. In a nutshell, this is an amazing, compact, light-speed trimmer that is significantly different from both trimmers we’ve reviewed so far.

Manufacturer specs, details and features

The first thing you’ll notice about the Dewalt DCM563P1-GB is that it’s a bit smaller than most conventional hedge trimmers. It also weighs only 3 kilograms, which is certainly light by anyone’s standards.

Its blade is 55 centimetres long, rocking a 19 millimetre cutting gap. What this means is that it’s more suitable for larger and medium-size hedges as opposed to smaller ones that don’t require such heavy duty performance.

Lastly, there’s a “wrap-around” handle – an ergonomic component that almost completely prevents any hand fatigue. The industrial grade materials used in the construction process of this fine trimmer ensure exceptional sturdiness and impeccable impact resistance.

What we liked about this trimmer

This hedge trimmer is ideal for people who are struggling to trim their large hedges. It’s fast, has a huge cutting width and allows you to use it for long periods of time due to long battery lifetime and minimal hand fatigue.

The fact that it’s both compact and powerful makes it very easy both to use and to store. Last, but not least, it’s great value value as you’ll find it very hard to find a better all-around trimmer for a similar price.

What we thought could be improved

It’s not that this trimmer can’t be used for smaller hedges – in fact, the small design it sports might make you think that that’s precisely what it was designed for. However, the big blades and cutting gap it would take longer than other models reviewed here to trim small hedges.


  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Extremely powerful and fast.
  • Long battery lifespan.
  • Wrap-around handle provides additional security.
  • Industrial grade sturdiness ensure superb impact resistance.
  • Ideal for larger and medium sized hedges.


  • Not so great for smaller hedges and menial day-to-day trimming.

Black+Decker 36V Lithium-Ion Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer

Brief overview

Black & Decker is a huge name in the industry of power and gardening tools. We’ve picked their hedge trimmer for our review because it’s just a bit stronger and more versatile than many other models out there.

Of course, it does cost slightly more too, but for people who aren’t on a tight budget this might just be the perfect hedge trimmer – a keeper which you’ll hardly ever need to consider replacing, let alone upgrading.

Manufacturer specs, details and features

First of all, let’s talk about the onboard technologies. This Black & Decker hedge trimmer boasts Anti Jam technology – this becomes useful when you use the trimmer for extensive periods of time, trimming large hedges. Namely, no matter how thick the hedge you wanted to trim is, this particular feature will ensure that the blades keep going.

Next up is the two-handed startup switch. This might seem a bit less conventional since you’ll have to flip up several switches instead of one, but the good thing is that you won’t be able to start this trimmer up by accident.

The handle of the Black & Decker Anti-Jam Trimmer is neither rubberized or wrapped, but it was built in ergonomic fashion, reducing the total amount of hand fatigue. Lastly, there’s the dual-action hardened-steel 55 centimetres long blade that will easily cut through the thickest hedges like a knife through butter.

What we liked about this trimmer

The Black & Decker hedge trimmer comes into its own when trimming medium sized and large hedges, especially the thickest of them. The blade is very long and the teeth are substantially sharper in comparison to most similar models.

On top of that, the ergonomic handle is a pretty big plus. Some people don’t like how rubberized grips feel, so having a handle that was simply built to reduce the fatigue is pretty great. Last, but not least, the two-handed startup operation which completely negates the risk of accidental starting is yet another awesome feature.

What we thought could be improved

Contrary to what you might think, this trimmer being long and big doesn’t mean that it’s super heavy. In fact, it weighs only 3.1 kilograms so we have no complaints in that respect. The only negative thing is that its sheer bulky size makes it a bit less convenient in terms of storage.


  • Fast, powerful and extremely efficient at trimming all kinds of hedges.
  • Big dual-action hardened steel blade.
  • Enormous teeth gap allows for more efficient trimming.
  • Ergonomically built handle.
  • Two-handed startup switch ensures that you don’t start the trimmer by accident.


  • Harder to store due to its size.
  • Bulky.

Ryobi OHT1855R One+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Brief overview

The last hedge trimmer in our review is Ryobi’s OHT1855R One+. This is a very cheap, easy to use trimmer that boasts some of the benefits its more expensive counterparts have to offer, which is the prime reason why we think you should consider it.

Even though we’ve mainly reviewed hedge trimmers that are ideal for bigger trimming jobs, this one’s actually perfect for all kinds of trimming tasks.

Manufacturer specs, details and features

Most importantly, this hedge trimmer was built for convenience, with ease of use and absolute comfort while using it in mind.

The handle is capable of rotating and adjusting to your wrist position which means that you’ll hardly feel any fatigue while using it. It’s different from ergonomic and rubberized handles in terms of how it helps the wielder with this issue – while rubber grips are more comfortable, the rotating handle simply puts a lot less stress on your hand.

What’s interesting is the fact that the blade length of this trimmer is the same as with our previous pick , the Black & Decker – it’s 55 centimetres long and has a 22 millimetre cutting capacity. This is tailor-made for big hedges and trimming jobs of larger quantity but the rotating handle also means the trimmer will help you tackle down smaller tasks with the same ease.

What we liked about this trimmer

It’s very hard to find a trimmer that has a blade as long as this one which doesn’t weigh a ton. It being so light, the Ryobi OHT1855R One+ is among the easiest trimmers to use.

Its versatility is also a big part of why we liked it so much. Trimmers that are capable of helping you with small, medium, and large hedges are in short supply, but Ryobi’s OHT1855R One+ can do it all.

Lastly, the rotating handle is a pretty unique feature which will help you wave goodbye to hand fatigue and discomfort.

What we thought could be improved

Similarly to the Makiti reviewed above, there’s just one thing that Ryobi’s OHT1855R One+ lacks. Namely, it doesn’t feature either a battery or a charging port. What this means is that you’ll need to buy them separately, which isn’t too big of a deal in an economic sense, but people who want to start trimming their hedges as soon as they get their OHT1855R One+ will probably feel very disappointed to find that it won’t be able to start straight out of the box.


  • Lightweight and very powerful.
  • Rotating handle with the HedgeSweep technology.
  • Ultra long blade with a huge cutting capacity.
  • Versatile performance.


  • The battery is sold separately.

Buying guide

Finally, we’ll briefly talk about how to pick the best cordless trimmer ever. There are just a couple of main things you should keep an eye open out for, including:

1. Blade and teeth

One of the most important aspects of every trimmer is the blade and the teeth on it. The longer the blade is, the longer your reach will be, and the further apart the teeth are, the thicker hedges you’ll be able to trim.

Now, there’s no such thing as the “optimal” length of the blade or the “optimal” cutting width because people have hedges of different sizes, so it’s down to you to decide which best meets your needs.

2. Battery lifespan

One of the biggest advantages of cordless trimmers is the fact that they don’t have a cord, obviously, since they’re operating on batteries. Now, the reason why it’s so important to find a trimmer that has a battery which can last for a while is because you don’t want to find yourself in a position where the trimmer dies on you in the middle of the trimming process, then you have to wait for it to charge again before you can finish the job.

Certain trimmers come with a “body” alone, meaning that you’ll have to purchase the appropriate battery separately. These trimmers aren’t necessarily to be avoided since batteries are usually inexpensive and they can often work in a range of the manufacturer’s cordless tools, for example the Ryobi One+ range.

3. Weight

The weight of the trimmer is incredibly important. The heavier it is, the harder it will be to use it, especially for the top parts of the hedge. The range between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms is where you’ll find “lightweight” hedge trimmers.

4. Special features

Certain trimmers come with special features, such as, for example Ryobi’s OHT1855R One+. It comes with a rotating handle, whereas Makita’s DUH523Z has the anti vibration structure. These trimmers are, in a way unique.

The bad thing about trimmers with special features is that, in some cases, you make not actually make much use of them. For example, people who are looking for light-duty trimmers for their smaller hedges don’t actually need the “anti vibration” technology as the trimmer doesn’t put up too much vibes in the first place.

Final words

We’ve reviewed some of the best cordless hedge trimmers on the UK market. We hope you’ve liked our selection and that you’ve found what you were looking for. Make sure to check out the buying guide as it offers much insight into the criteria we’ve used to evaluate each model’s performance.