Gift Ideas For Geeks

Is someone you know a complete nerd or geek? While many of us see computers and other technological items simply as products to be used and serve a purpose, for some people they are much more than that.

We’re talking about computer geeks, of course. You know: the guy (or girl) who’s obsessed with technology and happily spends hours trying to eek out the best possible performance, or trying to get something tricky to work. And they’re the sort of person who’s always in the know about the latest technology, and has to be the proud owner of it too.

And while there’s nothing wrong with being like that, of course, it does mean it can seem difficult to come up with relatively inexpensive gift ideas for geeks. That said, there are actually quite a few good options for any geek who happens to be on your shopping list. Here are a few suggestions to help you:

Gift Ideas For Geeks

Bluetooth Speakers

For those geeks who don’t already own them, bluetooth speakers are a fantastic idea and are sure to be well-received. They can take them with them just about anywhere they go, and always have high-quality access to their music.

The Anker SoundCore bluetoothspeakers give amazing sound quality for the price, and incredible battery life of up to 24 hours.

Virtual Reality Headset

Modern virtual reality headsets are great fun, allowing you to watch 3D movies or completely immerse yourself in a 3D game or simulation. And you can purchase pretty cheap ones these days, that work by letting you download an app or game to your phone and then placing your phone into the headset. Great fun!

Top of the range VR headsets can be very expensive, but we absolutely love this budget version from BlitzWolf.

Computer Gaming Mouse

A quality gaming mouse makes a real difference to the gaming experience, both through the better responsiveness it offers and also the improved ergonomics. So if your geeky friend or relative doesn’t already have one, or the one they own is getting a bit long in the tooth, then a gaming mouse is an excellent gift idea for them.

You can pay all kinds of silly money for a gaming mouse, but the current favourite budget option here at TechEffect is this one from HAVIT.

Wifi Extender

Geeks tend to love wireless stuff. Indeed, they’re usually the ones playing games online or streaming music or moviesĀ on the internet. But if they want to be able to do this anywhere in the house, without paying extortionate mobile data charges, then they need a good wifi signal throughout their home. And that’s were wifi extenders come in: boosting and strengthening your wifi so that you get a robust signal whichever room you’re in.

We like this one from TP-Link.

Spy Camera

Do you remember those old spy cameras they used to advertise in the back of comics? No? Well, if your friend or relative is of a certain age and a true geek, then they’re sure to remember them well. Of course, technology has moved on greatly since those days and today’s spy cameras do actually work! And as well as being great fun for a geek to play with, they also serve a useful purpose too. They allow you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

The PHYLINK CubeprovidesĀ great video and audio quality at a reasonable price.


At first it can appear tough coming up with gift ideas for geeks. Once you start to give it some closer thought though, there are actually lots of great gift options for the technology buff. Use the suggestions in this article as a guide when it comes to choosing a gift for a geeky friend or member of your family.