Natural treatments for hair loss

While hair loss can be stressful for men, they always have the option to shave their heads. This isn’t really the case for women.  And not all men want to go down the shaven-headed route anyway. With that in mind, here are a few natural treatments for hair loss in both men and women.

Thinning hair, hair loss and baldness may not be life-threatening conditions, but these conditions can be a huge threat to the self esteem and self image of those who suffer.

There are a number of treatments for thinning hair and hair loss, including prescription medications, herbal remedies and natural treatments.

It is important for every man or woman who suffers from hair loss to explore all the options and find the best treatment regimen.

Finding a treatment that works before too much hair loss has occurred may be the best way to ward off total baldness.

Natural Home Remedies For Hair Loss

There are a number of home remedies and natural treatments that men and women use to ward off hair loss and restore lost hair.

Aloe Vera Gel

For many years, men and women alike have used Aloe Vera gelAloe Vera gel in an attempt to stimulate the hair follicles and increase the growth of healthy hair.

Many feel that rubbing Aloe Vera gel on the scalp can help to increase blood circulation to the area and stimulate the growth of new healthy hair follicles.

While the results of this treatment have been mixed, Aloe Vera is inexpensive and this treatment can be worth a try.


Many men and women have also found aromatherapy to be a useful natural treatment for thinning hair, hair loss and bald spots.

Using a blend of essential oils, including cedarwood oil, lavender oil and rosemary oil can sometimes be effective at stimulating the scalp and encouraging the growth of new healthy hair.

This type of scalp massage can be quite invigorating as well, as can simply adding a few drops of essential oils to a favorite shampoo.

Hair Care

How the hair is cared for can also have a strong effect on its health, and proper hair care may even be able to minimize hair loss and the appearance of bald spots.

Those men and women who are prone to hair loss and baldness should take care to avoid the use of harsh products, which can damage the hair.

It is also a good idea for those prone to brittle and damaged hair to avoid the use of blow dryers, curling irons and other appliances.

Allowing the hair to dry naturally instead of using a hot hair dryer is a good hair care practice, whether you are prone to hair loss or not.

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