Should I shave my head?

Should I shave my head? That’s a dilemma all balding men come across as their thinning hair starts to become more noticeable. Here are some suggestions as to why shaving your head is the best option.

Most of us men will start suffering from hair loss at some point in our lives, about 4 in 10 of us by the age of 35. I’ll never forget the first time I noticed my own hair was getting thinner. It was devastating at first.

But then pragmatism set in as I realized I had a decision to make. Back then there were no real hair replacement treatments either so the question basically boiled down to this: should I shave my head or not?

That’s because a comb-over was out of the question for me. I’d spent too long laughing at photos of my Dad’s comb-over when I was younger.

So I guess I’d already kind of subconsciously decided years ago that I’d be shaving my head if my hair went the way of my Dad’s.

Still, I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it at first as I’d always tended to have longer hair styles.

So I struggled on for a bit with my hair getting steadily thinner until I finally took the plunge. And to be honest, I’ve never looked back since.

Of course, nowadays there are more options for those starting to go bald such as hair restoration medication and hair transplant and replacement systems. So making a decision as to whether or not to shave your head today is even more difficult than I found it.

That said, shaving your head is still a great response to losing your hair. In fact, even if I had the choice I don’t think I’d go back to having a full head of hair now.

For those who are considering whether or not to shave their head, here are a few reasons why you should.

Why Should I Shave My Head?

No More Bad Hair Days

Once you’ve shaved your head you no longer have to worry about the way your hair looks. Having a shaved head is far more convenient than having to faff around for ages in a morning or before you go out for the evening. No more blow-drying or hair product needed!

Save Money

You can easily shave your head yourself at home. This will save you a small fortune in barber’s fees over the years. Plus, you’ll save lots of money on shampoo, wax and other hair product too.

Get Ready Quicker

As mentioned above, with a shaved head you no longer need to worry about how your hair looks. This saves you loads of time getting ready. So you can have a bit of a lie-in in the mornings before you go to work.

Women Find Bald Heads Sexy

Many women are attracted to men with shaved heads. And women finding you attractive is always a nice boost to your ego, whether you’re spoken for or not.

Appear More Mature And Confident

Shaven headed men tend to appear more mature and confident. This is partly down to actual appearance, but also because inwardly shaving your head can be a liberating experience that increases your self-confidence.

Look Younger

It might seem a little counter-intuitive given that I’ve just said that shaving your head makes you appear more mature but it’s not. It’s true: it can also make you look younger.

This isn’t true for everyone but it does tend to be the case for older men. A partially-bald head can really make you look your age, but a shaven head can make you appear more youthful and virile.

More Comfortable

Having a shaved head can be a lot more comfortable and cooler than a thick head of hair in the hot summer months. And when you take part in heavy exercise, you’ll notice a huge difference too.

Can I Shave My Head Myself?

Shaving your own head is straightforward as long as you have the right tools.

All you really need is a quality set of hair clippers, preferably dedicated balding clippers, or one of the best head shavers.

Your hair will be softer after a hot shower and this will make shaving easier. You’ll naturally create a bit of mess with all the hairs so do it somewhere that’s easy to clean up, such as on a tiled floor.

And it’s a good idea to do it topless to avoid getting the hairs all over your clothes. As you’ll have hairs on your body, you’ll probably want to have another shower after you’ve finished shaving in order to wash them off.

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