Tower Adventurer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Tower Adventurer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Rigidity
  • Stability
  • Ease of Setup
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Value for Money


The Tower Adventurer ISUP is a great board for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. It’s rigid and stable, and great value for money.

We love stand up paddle boards here at TechEffect as they’re great fun and also provide a decent amount of physical exercise too, and inflatable boards make them affordable for all. One of the best selling such inflatable SUPs is the Tower Adventurer which we’re going to review today.

The Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Review

Tower Adventurer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ReviewAmong the distinguishing features of the Tower Adventurer inflatable stand up paddle board are its durability, rigidity and portability. The designers ensured that this board is sufficiently stiff and robust to make it bear recommended weights and the roughness of the waters with ease. Indeed, this is as close as an inflatable paddle board comes to providing the rigidity and stability of epoxy resin and fibreglass boards.

And compared to many other inflatable boards within its price range, the Tower Adventurer is easier to inflate and more convenient to handle in different floating environments. Not only that, but with a weight of 25 pounds, this inflatable paddle board is also one of the lightest of its kind for a fully immersive water sport experience.

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Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board Pros

1. Rigid And Stable

The Tower Adventurer inflatable paddle board is made of a strong military-grade PVC material that guarantees its durability. So, unlike with rigid paddle boards, there’s no need to worry about damage such as dents and such like. Indeed, the manufacturers even claim to have run over their boards with cars during testing, without causing any damage!

The design also features a drop-stitch construction that contributes significantly towards the rigidity of the Tower Adventurer SUP.

And as we mentioned earlier, this is probably the most rigid of all inflatable paddle boards. It can take a large amount of weight without showing any signs of flexing at all. The fact that it’s 6 inches thick (compared to the 4 inches of most inflatable SUPs) is a major contributing factor to this rigidity and stability, as it’s width (32 inches). The extra thickness also ensures that your feet stay well above the water when riding the board.

2. Highly Portable

The total weight of this inflatable paddle board is 25 pounds. The lightness of the board plus the fact that you can easily roll it up into a pretty small bundle makes it highly portable and easy to store at home or in the car trunk.

Enthusiasts of water sports can have great moments at home and away without worrying about the burden of transporting the board to their favorite destinations and back at home. Younger users will equally find this product easier to deal with than many of its rivals on the market.

3. Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle

The manufacturers of this board included a 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle, which contributes to its user-friendly appeal. The paddle is designed with unique ergonomic features that make it easy for users of different heights to control without difficulties.

This paddling tool has a soft, but firm grip that enhances the level of comfort, particularly for those who paddle for long hours and on a regular basis. Many reviewers find the adjustable aspect of the paddle very convenient for a good learning experience.

4. Hand Pump

Also included with the Tower Adventurer SUP is a hand pump with built-in pressure gauge.

Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board Cons

Overall, the Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP is a great board. The only minor criticisms of it are that it doesn’t come with an included carry bag and there aren’t any extra D-Rings for attaching gear to. Neither of these are big deals really – you can easily purchase a separate carry bag (although this will obviously add to the overall cost), and most cheaper, smaller SUPs don’t have additional D-Rings.

One other minor downside, that’s applicable to all inflatable paddle boards, is that it won’t have much resale value if you wish to sell it on in a few years time. Inflatable SUPs tend not to retain their value too well, compared to rigid boards.

Ease of Setup

The unique enhancements in the design of this inflatable paddle board makes it easy to setup for the average user. In fact, the board is sufficiently rigidity even at 10 PSI despite the fact that it can be inflated to the level of 15 PSI.

When fully inflated, the Tower Adventurer can support 350 lbs of weight on water without problem.

The designers ensured that the board inflates and deflates easily for the optimum convenience to the user. The task of setting up this board is completed in a few simple steps that entail unfolding and inflating using the included hand pump. There’s just the one valve that you need to use to inflate the board, and full inflation takes just a few minutes.

Deflation is even easier than inflation, taking just a matter of seconds.


Apart from its ample size and remarkable flexibility, many users have expressed their fondness for the Tower Adventurer because of its simplicity of design and great performance.

This advantage makes it easy both learners and pros to enjoy their favourite water sports on this vessel with greater manoeuvrability. This inflatable board comes with advanced flexibility that gives the user utmost control when negotiating corners or adjusting speeds. It glides through the water very smoothly and tracks very well indeed. This is true for even the most demanding of conditions.

Overall then, the Tower Adventurer inflatable stand up paddle board is a robust and convenient board for an exhilarating outdoor water adventure and general relaxation.

Where To Buy

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