Buying Personalised Gifts

50th Birthday Personalised Whisky GlassBuying personalised gifts is a great solution to the problem of coming up with gift ideas. Thinking of what to buy someone can be difficult even when you know that someone very well. Sometimes no matter how long or how hard you think, you just can’t seem to come up with the right present for them.

Considering things like what the person’s hobbies are, what they enjoy spending their time doing, and the sort of thing they do and don’t like, can help but not always. There is actually scientific research evidence that shows that the better you know someone the more difficult gift giving for that person becomes.

This can lead to the situation where you spend far too long thinking and worrying about what to buy. And then when you do finally decide upon a gift, you often find your gift isn’t really appreciated all that much. Certainly not as much as you had hoped anyway. This can be depressing and upsetting. especially when you’re buying for a loved one.

Make It Personal

That’s why buying personalised gifts is such a good idea. People love owning personalised things but when you think about it, it’s actually pretty unlikely they would buy something personalised for themselves. This means you’re giving them something they want, but that they wouldn’t otherwise get if it wasn’t for you. And that is a great gift to give!

In addition, when you give someone a personalised present, they know that it’s not just the same old present you lazily give to multiple people because you can’t be bothered putting the effort into choosing something. They appreciate that extra thought and consideration has gone into choosing it. It shows that you’ve gone to the time and expense of selecting a gift that is truly unique and special.

Lasting Benefits Of Buying Personalised Gifts

Buying Personalised GiftsPersonalised gifts also have the benefit of providing more lasting benefit to the recipient. The personal message provides more value to them than just the tangible value of the object.

For example, if you buy someone an engraved watch then every time they wear that watch they see the special message from you. It reminds them of the care that you put into choosing their gift.

This also means they are more likely to take greater care of the gift and so it will last longer. For example, if you give someone a personalised mug they’re more likely to wash it by hand rather than in the dishwasher so extending its useful life.


Buying personalised gifts is a great way of making sure your gifts stand out from the crowd and are well-received. So the next time you’re struggling to think of what to buy for someone, consider getting them something personalised. That way, you can be sure it will be welcomed and appreciated. Not only that, but it will provide lasting value and meaning to the grateful recipient!

Finally, if you’re interested in the science and psychology behind gift giving, you can read a great article about it on the Scientific American website here.