Choosing The Perfect Gift

Have you ever spent days or even weeks wondering what to buy someone, whether it be a friend, relative or partner? I suspect most people have because when you care about someone, you want to give them something they’ll like and that’ll mean a lot to them. Even if you know someone really well, it can be tough coming up with ideas. The aim of this article is to give you some pointers as to what to consider and how to go about choosing the perfect gift.

Consider What Message You’re Trying To Convey

A great way to come up with ideas for gifts is to think of the gift giving process as a form of communication rather than just a physical exchange of presents. First ask yourself what message you want to convey to the person you’re giving to – it might be “I love you” or “Thank you” or “I appreciate everything you do”, for example. Or maybe you think the person has been stressed and overdoing things, in which case your message might be “Take it easy” or “You deserve a break” or “You should relax more”.

Decide How To Convey The Message

Once you’ve worked out the message, the next step is to decide how to communicate that message in the form of a gift. If your message is “Take it easy” or “You should relax more” for example, you might buy them some home spa gifts or maybe a spa day experience, for example.

Or if the message is “I love you”, you might buy them the age-old tried and trusted flowers, but a better idea may be to get them something you know they’d really appreciate but most other people wouldn’t know them well enough to think of buying them that thing. This can be something as cheap and simple as their favorite sweets or beer, or on the more expensive side of the scale, tickets to a sporting event, concert or show. Or something that will stir nostalgic feelings for the good old days, if they’re a little older.

Consider The Individual

Of course, whatever message you wish to convey, you still have to consider the likes and dislikes of the individual person you’re buying for. To continue on the “Take it easy” gift theme, for example, a head massager might be a perfect gift for one person, but someone else may not be able to bear the thought of it touching their head.