What’s the best filter coffer maker?

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If you like strong coffee with a unique taste then filter coffee is for you. And modern technology allows you to enjoy restaurant quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. But what’s the best filter coffee maker? Read our reviews below for help in choosing your perfect filter coffer machine.

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Filter coffee is brewed by pouring hot water onto coarsely-ground grains and then passing the result through a filter to remove the grains. Some filter coffee makers use paper filters which must be replaced after each use, while others have permanent filters.

Although making filter coffee is a straightforward process, the end result is a satisfyingly strong and distinctive-tasting drink. So a filter coffee maker is a must for any true coffee lover, especially if you don’t want to go for an espresso machine. Here are our reviews of the best filter coffee makers.

The best filter coffee makers

Russell Hobbs Buckingham

Russell Hobbs is a popular and trusted brand, well-known for their kitchen gadgets. The Buckingham filter coffee maker is another in the long-line of their quality products.

The great tasting coffee it makes is down to its showerhead technology which produces more efficient filtration and ensures every grain of coffee is covered by the water which in turn results in a much fuller flavour.

The Buckingham also heats up to its optimal brewing temperature up to 50% faster than other filter machines meaning your favourite beverage is ready sooner.

One issue with a lot of filter coffee makers is that the coffee doesn’t stay warm for very long once it’s brewed. There’s no such worries with the Buckingham due to its “keep warm” feature.

There is a 24-hour programmable timer which means you can program the machine to brew your coffee in advance. What could be better than waking up to a ready-brewed cup of coffee to give you a kick in the morning?

As far as capacity is concerned, the Buckingham lets you make up to 10 cups at once thanks to the 1.25 litre carafe.

The filter in this machine is permanent meaning you don’t have the expense of repeatedly buying replacement paper filters.

Finally, looks and are design are an important consideration and this is another area where the Buckingham excels. It really is a great looking machine that won’t look out of place in any kitchen.

Melitta Look IV

The Melitta Look IV is another beautifully designed machine with super looks.

With it’s 1.2 litre capacity it’s capable of making up to 10 large cups of coffee at a time, or 15 smaller cups. The jug is insulated and has a double wall which can keep the coffee in it nice and hot for up to 2 hours.

The machine also has an anti-drip feature to help prevent mess.

The best feature of the Melitta Look IV though, in our opinion, is the AromaSelector which lets you very easily adjust the strength of the coffee it makes.

Like the Russell Hobbs Buckingham above, the Look IV features a programmable timer so you can set it to automatically make your coffee for whatever time you desire.

This machine uses paper filters rather than having a permanent filter. While paper filters usually produce better results in our experience, replacing them is a small ongoing cost that you need to factor into your budget.

Morphy Richards 162009

Morphy Richards is another big name in the kitchen gadget arena and they’ve come up trumps again with their 162009 Pour Over machine.

Available in a choice of red, black or silver this is another good-looking gadget that will fit well into any kitchen.

The large 1.8 litre capacity is enough to make up to 12 large cups of coffee in one go, which should be enough for just about anyone.

Just like the Russell Hobbs Buckingham, the Morphy Richards utilizes pour over showerhead technology to give a fuller and stronger taste.

As with the other top filter coffee makers reviewed here, it also has a 24-hour programmable timer letting you schedule your coffee in advance. In addition, you can fine-tune the strength of the coffee it makes thanks to the adjustable strength selector.

The “keep warm” function offered by the Morphy Richards will keep your coffee hot for up to 25 minutes after brewing.

Although this machine features a permanent filter, you can also use additional paper filters too if you so desire.

Andrew James 15 Cup

Like the Homgeek above, the Andrew James 15 Cup has a warming plate that will keep your freshly-brewed coffee hot for up to 30 minutes. Another thing it has in common with the Homgeek is the useful water gauge on the carafe.

Speaking of the carafe, this elegant machine has a large capacity of 1.8 litres, which means you can brew up to 15 large cups of coffee at a time (the name is kind of a giveaway here!).

Although the Andrew James 15 Cup has a permanent mesh filter you can also add reusable paper filters too, for a better taste.

It must be said that the programmable timer on this machine isn’t as good as on the other top filter coffee makers we’ve looked at here. The 15 Cup only offers a 2-hour timer.

Despite this minor drawback, the Andrew James 15 Cup still fully deserves it place on our list of the best filter coffee makers due to its other features, its stylish design, and its ease of use.


Any of the filter coffee machines we’ve reviewed here would grace any kitchen and offer the opportunity for high quality and delicious freshly-brewed coffee at home.

That said, our choice of the best filter coffee maker on the market today is the Russell Hobbs Buckingham. Why? Well, it offers all the features we look for and we love the design of it. We also love the speed with which it reaches the required temperature and the fact it can keep our coffee warm for longer than the other machines here. Most importantly, it made the best-tasting coffee in our opinion. All-in-all, this is a highly recommended product.

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