The best kettles for hard water

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Without the right kettle, the quality of your hot drinks and the life of your equipment can suffer. We take a look at 5 of the best kettles for hard water currently on the market.

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The best kitchen gadgets not only make your life easier, they are reliable and long lasting too. Self-heating kettles and their larger cousins, kettle jugs have one grave enemy – hard water. The calcification of the heating element and the build-up of limescale on the interior not only makes your tea or coffee taste worse but also ruins the kettle to the point of it becoming unusable. That is why you need a kettle that is specifically designed to work under the strain of hard water. By this, we mean you need a filter kettle or kettle jug.

In case you’ve been looking for such an item, we’ve got reviews of five of the top kettles right here. And if you don’t know enough about these devices to make a decision, here is a short guide that will teach you a few things, both about hard water and the kettles themselves.

What Is Hard Water?

Let’s start with the basics. As we all know, hard water is water that contains lots of limestone particles in it. Limestone starts building up through evaporation of the water, and, naturally, builds up mostly on the heating elements, causing irreparable damage. However, what most of us don’t know is how you determine how hard the water is.

Well, the hardness of water is determined by measuring the amount of limestone in the water, which is expressed in milligrams per litre. If the water contains 0 to 50 mg of limestone per litre, it’s considered soft. At 151 mg/l, the water is moderately hard, and above 300 mg/l the water is considered very hard.

Hard Water Kettles

So, how do you prevent limescale build-up? One word – filters.

As the below list will show, these kettles contain special filters that make the water much softer before you boil it. Being soft, the water won’t leave that much limestone behind when it boils, effectively lengthening the device’s service life.

Hard water can also be softened beforehand, but having a filter kettle is of great use if you don’t want to mess around with installing a filter to your tap, or if you don’t trust your tap filter enough.

However, even filters can become overrun by calcification. After a while, they become clogged and no longer function properly.

Having a clogged filter will mean that the water will only just barely drip, taking it a frustratingly long time to fill up. For that reason, every month or two you should always replace your filter. Naturally, filter kettle manufacturers offer you the opportunity to buy additional filters.

A Few More Considerations

Naturally, a filter kettle isn’t all about the filter. You have to take other things into considerations to make your decision.

For starters, you need to consider the volume of the kettle you’re buying. Kettles usually appear in 1, 1.5 and 2-litre versions. Some of them have markers and transparent bodies so you know exactly how much water is in it.

Then, you need to see if the device has a good element that heats up your water quickly and if the kettle features a cable or is cordless.

There is also the grip to consider too. Many of the best kettles have a nice cool-touch grip that prevents you from burning your hand while handling your kettle.

Some kettles also feature dry boil protection in the form of an auto-off function that prevents the kettle from boiling if it’s empty.

Now that we’ve got everything out of the way, let’s take a look at 5 of the best kettles for hard water currently on the market …

The Best Kettles For Hard Water

Morphy Richards Brita Electric Filter Kettle

Our first product comes from Morphy Richards, one of the leading manufacturers of kettles and pots in the world. Their products are always top-notch and perform well. Their Brita kettle is a superb product because it has a great filter and is easy to use, as well as being very quick when heating the water and filtering it.

This kettle is also very stylish. Though not a defining feature of a good kettle, it’s never a minus having a great-looking kettle on the counter of your new kitchen. The Brita has a fine matte black finish with a blue stripe across the middle through which you can see the water level. There are also measurement markers so you can tell how much water the kettle contains. The device also has an ergonomic, cool touch handle for better control when pouring. Its no-spill spout facilitates a nice, regular stream and helps prevent spilling.

The kettle has a cordless heating element. This not only gets allows you to carry it everywhere with you but also use it to your left or right without restriction. When it comes to the filters, they are recyclable and can be bought in packs of 3, 6 and 12. As we said before, you’ll need to change the device’s filter every month or so. The kettle can hold up to 1.5 liters of water. The filter works fast and the heating element makes hot water in an instant.

The only complaint we have about the kettle is that, while not too expensive (about 30 pounds) replacing and buying the filters can be. A 12-pack of filters costs almost as much as the device. However, this supply will last you a year, or even more, so the price is reasonable enough, really.

Here’s a short list of pros and cons:


  • Cordless.
  • Ergonomic, cool touch handle.
  • Stylish design.
  • Fast filter.
  • Fast heating element.
  • No-spill spout.
  • Electronic change cartridge indicator.


  • The cost of replacing filters can mount.

Breville Brita Filter Jug Kettle

Next in our list of the best kettles for hard water, we have a product from an even more prominent company. Breville makes every device you may need for making yourself a cup of coffee or tea, including filter kettle jugs. Like the last product, Breville uses Brita filter technology, which is very powerful and cleans the water extremely well.

One of the best things about Brita filters, and Brita water technology kettles is that they can boil and filter the water at the same time. This significantly reduces the time it takes to get the water ready. Like the Morphy Richards Brita, this one also has the change filter indicator that lets you know when the filter’s had enough and needs replacing. The major part of the kettle is transparent, with markings on it so you know how much water have you got in it. It has a maximum capacity of 1.5 litres.

Naturally, the kettle wouldn’t be any good if it didn’t have a good design along with its exceptional Brita filter. The jug features an ergonomic handle that allows for a firm grip on the kettle. On top of that, the handle is also cool touch so you don’t burn your hand.

Underneath is, of course, the heating element. This runs at 3,000 watts which allows it to heat the water very, very quickly. The device has a stainless steel case on the bottom over the heat-resistant plastic. The kettle’s spout is also very carefully constructed so that you wouldn’t spill the water when pouring, and to ensure a good, steady stream coming out of the jug. On top of that, the filter cartridges are recyclable, so our Green Peace friends don’t have to rip their hair out over what’s happening to the ones we throw away.

Perfectionists that we are, we found a tiny flaw with the Breville too (as we did with every item on the list, to be fair). This kettle, due to its high-end, durable plastic and stainless steel finish and a great heating element and filter, is heavy. It’s actually much heavier that the Morphy Richards, weighing almost 2 kilograms when empty. When full, it can weigh more than three kilograms, which might pose a problem when you need to pour from this fat boy.

As before, here’s a short list of pros and cons:


  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Cordless.
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Recyclable replaceable finish.
  • 3,000-watt heating element.
  • Brita filter and water technology.
  • Push-button lid allows easy refilling.
  • Filter replacement indicator.


  • It’s a bit on the heavy side.

Russell Hobbs Brita Filter Purity Kettle

Moving on to number three in our list of the top hard water kettles, we have Russell Hobbs’ Brita Filter Purity Kettle. Another in the line of great kettles, this one will serve you for a long time, as long as you keep replacing its filters. On top of that, this device is a little cheaper than the others on this list, something to consider for those on a tighter budget.

Like the Morphy Richards and the Breville this kettle uses a Brita filter. We already mentioned that these filters are top of the line, removing a lot of minerals and impurities from the water in the kettle. Also, Brita technology allows for instantaneous boiling and purifying of the water, enabling you to get hot water in a matter of minutes, as well as get clean water that won’t damage the internal “organs” of your machine, allowing it to live longer.

When it comes to the design, Russell Hobbs looks a great deal like the Breville, albeit it stands upright, while the Breville, kind of leans forward. The product features a powerful heating element, just as powerful as the other two we’ve already reviewed, running at 3,000 watts. This enables it to heat up the water very quickly. On top of that, the base is 360 degrees, so you can access the device from any side, giving righties and lefties a level playing field.

The Russell Hobbs has one peculiarity, though. Now, this is not a bad peculiarity – it can be dubbed a positive peculiarity even, but a peculiarity nonetheless. The device has a washable filter. This allows the filter to last a little bit longer than the ordinary replaceable filter. However, no matter if you wash the filter or not, you will end up replacing it eventually. To that end, this kettle can be bought with 4 or 6 packs of filters, or it can be bought alone, with filters being bought separately. The device features a change cartridge indicator too, like the Morphy Richards and the Breville.

Finally, a word about the main drawback of this kettle: it has only a 1-litre capacity. This makes it smaller and more suited for one or two persons. However, this does decrease the time it takes for the kettle to filter and boil the water, so it’s a fair trade-off for the right people

A list of pros and cons as before…


  • Washable filter.
  • Ambidextrous ergonomic handle.
  • 3,000-watt heating element.
  • No-spill spout.
  • Filter replacement indicator.


  • The kettle only holds 1 litre.

BESTEK Electric Filter Kettle

Our penultimate product comes from Bestek, another very prominent maker of kitchen appliances. Their products always perform very well and are always cutting edge, and highly durable, being regularly made of stainless steel. This kettle jug is no exception, easily living up to Bestek’s standards. It will represent a fine addition to any hot beverage lover’s kitchen.

One of the best things about the kettle is that it has a pretty good capacity. It holds 1.7 litres, which, along with our next kettle, makes it the biggest kettle on our list.

The entire thing is made of stainless steel and not just any steel. It’s made of 304 brushless steel which is used in making food processing appliances. It is also very strong, but, it has to be said, gets a little hot.

The kettle features a swivel base with an ergonomic cool-touch handle. The handle also features a plastic plate in front so your skin won’t come into contact with the hot steel wall of the device. The heating element operates on 3,000 watts, as usual, making the device boil water very quickly. The kettle features a tiny window on the side with measuring markers.

One feature that we like a lot about this kettle is that it has an auto-off function. As we’ve mentioned in the guide, we said that this is a very useful feature, as it prevents the kettle from dry boiling. Boiling without any water in the kettle can severely damage it and even cause the heating element to burn out.

Yet another thing we like about it is that, despite being made of stainless steel, it’s actually quite light. The device weighs only 1.1 kilograms.

Like our previous product, this kettle features a cleanable filter. However, it’s always a good idea to change a filter, just in case it clogs. Also, a thing we didn’t mention in the guide, a dirty filter will leave a foul taste in your water which is another good reason for regular changes.

As usual, here’s a short list of the benefits and drawbacks of this device.


  • Very durable, 304 brushless steel make.
  • Rapid boiling thanks to a powerful boiling element.
  • Light, despite being constructed using stainless steel.
  • Auto-shutoff.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Washable filter.


  • The metal parts can get hot.

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Soft Open Kettle

Last, but most certainly not least, is the “Sage the Soft Open Kettle”. The Sage is pretty much the best product we have on our list, in our opinion. If you’re looking for a very reliable product with amazing features, this is the kettle for you. The Sage is astoundingly good in all aspects, and is a pleasure to use.

To start off, we’ll look at its design. The main body of the kettle is fully made out of stainless steel, with a heat resistant plastic handle. Like with the Bestek, the kettle features a plastic guard for your fingers so you won’t burn them. The device is also very strategically designed so you can clean it more easily. It can hold 1.7 litres of water and features a bell that warns you when the water’s boiling.  On the side, you’ll find a slot through which you can check the water level.

However, the best thing about this product is that it has a very neat lid. On the handle, you will find a button that will open the lid. This is no novelty, as many devices have this feature – but, with the Sage, it’s different. This lid is cushioned, so it opens very softly, so as not to splash you with boiling water. A splendid feature, especially if you have small children in the family.

Inspecting the heating element, we realise that it’s similar to all the other models reviewed here – a 3,000-watt device that can boil water in a matter of minutes. The element features dry boiling prevention and shuts down immediately if there’s no water inside the kettle. Naturally, there is a filter in there too, one that is both washable and replaceable.

Again, a list of pros and cons for you to consider…


  • Soft-opening lid.
  • Cordless.
  • Powerful heating element.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Water level measurements
  • Easy to clean.


  • The device is quite expensive (almost £70).
  • The sides get very hot.


And there you have it, all you need in one place to get your hands on a splendid filter kettle. Go ahead and check our guide, and our reviews of the best kettles for hard water areas, and then check our comparison table to compare each kettle’s features. Then make your decision.

All that’s left to say is that we hope you find the kettle you’re looking for here and then you enjoy great tasting hot drinks!

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