Best yogurt makers – reviews and buying guide

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There are people who love eating and there are people who simply enjoy making food. If you happen to love both, you’re in for a real treat. Today we’re reviewing five of the best yogurt makers that money can buy, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Now, yogurt makers are exactly what you think they are: automatic or semi-automatic contraptions designed to help you make delicious dishes with the least amount of effort possible.

If you’re wondering which models are the most valuable, how to pick “the best” of the best, or if you have any possible questions regarding the matter, make sure to check out both our reviews of the best yogurt makers on the UK market and our buying guide which follows shortly after. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Best yogurt makers reviews

Severin JG 3519 Yoghurt Maker

Severin Yoghurt Maker which Includes 14 Jars and with 13 W of Power JG 3519, 150 liters, White-red
  • on/off switch with pilot light
  • transparent lid
  • with memory dial
  • Easy to use
  • Additional jars included

A brief overview of key features and specs:

Next up is Severin’s JG 3519 yoghurt maker. It’s a bit bigger, and perhaps a bit more functional when compared to the Amazon Basic model.

This particular yogurt maker is even simpler that the one we’ve just reviewed. It rocks a modest set of features, including a plain on/off switch, a transparent lid, memory dial, and fourteen glass jars – all you need to get the party started, right?

Exceptional features:

In truth, the most special thing about this yogurt maker is that nothing’s really “special” per se. The memory dial, the control settings – they’re all very easy to use, so people who value minimalism will surely be fond of the JG 3519.

What we liked about this yogurt maker:

The best thing about the Severin JG 3519 is that people who want to make some yogurt won’t need to put too much effort into it. It’s as straightforward as can be, packing a plain set of features which are incredibly easy to use.

What’s more, it comes with 14 glass jars, which is twice as many as the Amazon Basics model. On top of that, it’s available at a bargain price, so we highly encourage you to at least consider it if you’re in the market for the best low cost yogurt makers.

What we thought could be improved:

Although this model is remarkably simple and effective, it’s not as dishwasher friendly as our previous pick. There are numerous “blind” spots that are rather hard to reach, so the washing process might feel a bit frustrating at times.


  • 14 glass jars.
  • Transparent lid.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Practical and compact.


  • Hard to wash.

Duronic Electric Yoghurt Maker YM2

Duronic Yoghurt Maker YM2 | Yogurt Machine with 8 Ceramic Pots | Digital Display | Timer Function | 20W | Make Fresh Homemade Bio-Active Yoghurt in Your Own Kitchen
  • Making yoghurt at home is easier than you think. All you need is a small pot of fresh yoghurt and milk. Heat the milk to boiling temperature and then let it cool down. Mix the warm milk with some fresh yoghurt and pour it into the ceramic pots provided and switch the machine on and set timer to 8hrs, you will end up with fresh yoghurt. As you make more and more yoghurt you can start to be adventurous and make different flavoured yoghurt by blending the milk with fruits or adding flavours.
  • Making yoghurt at home is easier than you think. All you need is a small pot of fresh yoghurt and milk. Heat the milk to boiling temperature and then let it cool down. Mix the warm milk with some fresh yoghurt and pour it into the ceramic pots provided and switch the machine on and set timer to 8hrs, you will end up with fresh yoghurt. As you make more and more yoghurt you can start to be adventurous and make different flavoured yoghurt by blending the milk with fruits or adding flavours.
  • With the Duronic YM2 Yoghurt maker you can make 100% natural, fresh, healthy yoghurt from the comfort of your own kitchen. When you make your own yoghurt you can always make the flavours unique to your own taste, best of all; you can rest assured that there are no E numbers, and that your yoghurt is guaranteed to be more fresh, nutritious and tasty then yoghurt purchased off the shelf.
  • The machine is very easy to use thanks to its clever control panel. You select the timer to allow the machine to work between 1-24 hours, in most case the yoghurt can be made in 8-12hrs. The different hour settings results to different textures to suit different customers’ requirements. 8 X 125ml Ceramic pots provided with lids to easily store away the yoghurt after it’s made.
  • Our model is the latest design in yoghurt makers. Every aspect of the model has been carefully thought of. An efficient 20W motor powers the unit. Its lightweight thanks to the material used to make it so you can easily move it around the kitchen 8 pots sit very nicely inside the main compartment without moving out of place. The power cable also detaches from the unit making it easier to store away.

A brief overview of key features and specs:

Next up after the Amazon Basic and the Severin is Duronic’s electric yogurt maker, the YM2.

It features a programmable timer which can be set in intervals up to 24 hours (better than the Amazon Basics by a full 7 hours), there’s a neat little “keep warm” function for the milk heater, and let’s not leave out the super strong 20W motor which powers this unit.

Although it does pack a set of premium quality features atop a robust construction, the YM2 is surprisingly lightweight.

Exceptional features:

There are two things that make this yogurt maker quite special. First, it looks absolutely ravishing and can be counted as a decor piece, not just a fruit-mixing contraption. Secondly, the huge versatility of the timer allows you to make your own yogurt at any time.

What we liked about this yogurt maker:

First and foremost, the motor of this unit is just slightly more powerful and efficient than that of most other yogurt makers. It will help you make fresher and better-tasting yogurt, although it’s  slightly slower than others.

The construction of the YM2 is ultra robust and lightweight, but the best thing about it is that it’s still compact enough to take too much of your counter space. On top of everything, it’s in the same price point category as the two yogurt makers we’ve reviewed in the sections above.

What we thought could be improved:

Just like we’ve mentioned, this is a rather delicate yogurt maker. You will be able to extract more “cream”, and your yogurt will definitely be more exquisite, but this process takes time – it’s a bit slower than average.

Additionally, the instructions manual doesn’t have any legit recipes, so you’d have to have at least some basic knowledge on how to make yogurts, although of course Google is always your friend for stuff like that.


  • Ultra durable construction.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Strong 20W motor.
  • Programmable timer.


  • Slow yogurt making process.
  • Instructions don’t have any yogurt making recipes.

Luvele Pure Yoghurt Maker

A brief overview of key features and specs:

Next up is Luvele’s pure yogurt maker – it’s one of the most versatile yogurt makers on the UK market, although it does cost a little bit more.

It packs a digital programmable timer, 3 incubation temperature settings, water bath technology, a waterproof touch panel, and four 400ml ceramic jars.

The timer can be set at any interval spanning from 1 minute to 24 hours while the incubation temperature settings include 36, 38, and 40 degrees (these are deemed as ideal for the growth of good bacteria and active cultures).

The water bath technology keeps the temperature stable and accurate, ensuring that the cultures and bacteria are properly taken care of during the incubation process.

Exceptional features:

Virtually everything about this machine is exquisite. We’ve already seen some yogurt makers with versatile programmable settings, but it’s rare to find a unit that has programmable temperatures as well.

On top of that, the water bath technology, as well as the oversized jars are absolutely terrific. Your yogurt will preserve more healthy ingredients and taste better, that’s guaranteed.

What we liked about this yogurt maker:

The programmable features are a big plus, but what we really liked about this yogurt maker is its efficiency. Creating premium-quality ultra-tasty yogurt rapidly is what this yogurt maker specialises in.

The cups you’ll get with this purchase are several times bigger than most average cups, but if they’re too big for you, you can purchase the 300ml ones separately.

What we thought could be improved:

In all truth, there’s nothing about this yogurt maker that leaves enough room for drastic improvement. It costs slightly more than other models in this review, but that’s only natural since its performance is superior.

The only real issue is the sheer complexity of it. With the programmable timer and temperatures you will be able to get consistent results, but you’ll need some practice before you hit the sweet spot.


  • Programmable timer and temperature settings.
  • Water bath technology.
  • Consistent results.
  • Waterproof touch panel.
  • Four 400ml ceramic jars.


  • Moderately expensive.
  • Requires some practice.

Lakeland 7-Cup Electric Yoghurt Maker

A brief overview of key features and specs:

The final yogurt maker in our review is Lakeland’s 7-cup electric yogurt maker. In essence, it’s a plain model just like our first two picks (the Amazon Basics and the Severin). It includes seven individual jars, a stable base unit, a fast heater, several programmable features, and a transparent cover.

Exceptional features:

While the majority of features this yogurt maker rocks are plain and pretty much straightforward, the best thing about it is the super fast yogurt making time. Namely, the heater on this unit is more efficient, requiring less warm-up time.

What we liked about this yogurt maker:

Transparent cover? Check. Plenty of jars? Check. Cheap? Check. There are a lot of things to like about this yogurt maker, from convenience features to the fact that you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get some quality yogurt at home.

What we thought could be improved:

Lakeland’s 7-cup electric yogurt maker works pretty well for the money, but there are some things that could’ve been done better.  Namely, the jar in the very middle will seldom get enough heat, which means that you should probably settle for making 6 cups of yogurt at best.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Super fast heater.
  • Programmable settings.


  • The middle jar doesn’t get enough heat.

Buying guide – how to pick the best yogurt maker

There are several factors that you should have in consideration before you make your final decision, and this section is dedicated to helping you understand them better. Without any ado, let’s get straight to it:

Yogurt maker size and durability

Yogurt makers are quite small in general, which leads most people to assume that they’re flimsy in build.

Yogurt makers that are made primarily of plastic materials should be avoided, as most of these machines tend to wear out after a while (and you don’t want shed plastic in your yogurt, for instance), so look for models that are either made or reinforced with steel elements, such as for example the Amazon Basics yogurt maker.

Cup number

Consider how many people will want to eat the yogurt you make. There are yogurt makers that come with 14 jars (or more), and then there are models such as Luvele’s Pure yogurt maker which come with only four (oversized jars though). The higher the number of jars, the smaller they tend to be, although that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Heater unit speed and efficiency

The heating element is, perhaps, the one thing you should worry about the most. In most cases, the yogurt making process will take several hours, at least, so if your heater is one of the best ones possible, you’ll cut an hour or two off the time. This could mean a lot if you’re a busy person.

The heater’s efficiency is what’s really important here. Not all heating units are capable of dispersing heat to all jars, and not all heaters can provide consistent results. The models we’ve recommended in the sections above, on the other hand, are all very reliable in this respect.


Finding the best yogurt maker for the money can be quite a process. There are just so many of brands and models on the market, so it can get really frustrating at times. Hopefully, you’ll like some of the picks we’ve laid out for you and they’ll help you narrow down your choice. We wish you all the best with your yogurt making!

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