How to easily create stunning container gardens

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The dreary days of winter are almost gone. So, now is the perfect time to start planning out some gorgeous container flowers to brighten up your patio, balcony, porch, or deck. These portable flower gardens are a superb way to brighten up any outdoor space. Get a head start on spring this year and start planning your container gardens today.

Evaluate the Available Space

Examine the space where you’ll display your container garden to begin thinking about the types, sizes, and number of flowerpots or other containers you’ll need. Jot your thoughts down on paper. You might even want to draw a simple sketch of what you’re visualizing. Look for pictures of container gardens in magazines or on the internet to get some great ideas.

Choose Terracotta Flowerpots

Inexpensive adobe-red earthenware pots work well with almost any decor, are available in a variety of sizes, and can be found in almost any store with a garden section. You can also decorate these simple flowerpots with paint. Cover the entire pot with weather-resistant paint, create a painted pattern with stencils, or paint your own unique design.

Pick Out Some Amazing Containers

Fallen Fruits, OZ38 Old Zinc Long Oval Planter
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Flower containers made from porcelain, concrete, metal, and other materials add personality, variety, and texture to an outdoor space. Repurpose some of your unused items to create totally unique containers. For example, you can transform an old wheelbarrow, child’s wagon, metal bucket, or wooden crate into a one-of-a-kind container to display your colorful flowers.

Consider Your Outdoor Climate

Be aware of the location for your container garden. For example, will your flowers get partial sun or full sun? Do you live in a tropical climate or an arid environment? Select flower types that fit your outdoor climate. Keep in mind that not all flowers require the same temperature range or amount of brilliant sunshine to thrive.

Pay Attention to the Fine Print

Pay attention to the information that’s typically printed on tags or labels attached to greenhouse flowers. You can find out about things, such as anticipated growth, whether the flower is a perennial or annual, how far apart to plant them, and their expected size at maturity. Also, don’t ignore the flower label warnings that give you a heads up if they tend to attract bees.

Give Your Container Garden Food and Water

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Before planting your flowers, choose a potting mix with nutrients to promote gorgeous blooms and healthy plants. Follow the potting label on your plants or potting mix to properly plant your new flowers. Placing a layer of small rocks, marbles or pebbles in the bottom of your container before adding potting soil helps to keep excess water away from the roots. Water your container garden and feed the plants regularly with appropriate plant food.

Avoid Unattractive Stains

Place a draining tray under each flowerpot to catch excess water that drains through the holes in the bottom of your pots. The trays help to keep your patio, deck, or other outdoor space spot-free from stains and dirt that frequently occur without the use of them. Choose draining trays to match your pots or opt for budget-friendly disposable trays that typically last through one season.

Trim When Necessary

Keep your flowers looking gorgeous by observing their aesthetic appeal. Pluck off visibly dead blooms and remove straggly, dead, or deteriorating stems. Wear garden gloves to protect your hands and fingers from prickly stems and sticky flower residue.

Keep Flowers Bug-Free

If you have kids or pets, you might want to choose a non-toxic, eco-friendly bug spray to guard your flowers against unwanted bugs that can quickly destroy healthy, vibrant plants. Carefully read the instructions on your insect spray to be sure it’s well-suited for your flower type. Pay attention to directions on the frequency and directions for using the spray properly.

Design a Stunning Arrangement

How you arrange your container garden depends on the quantity, size, and type of containers and flowers you’ve chosen. By situating a single, large flowerpot next to a piece of patio or deck furniture, such as a chair, settee or swing, you anchor it to that piece. Position a group of containers in assorted sizes to fill up a bare corner. Place the tallest containers in the back of the smaller ones. Use plant stands and shepherd hooks to display a particularly lovely hanging container garden.

Express your personality in the flowerpots, unique containers, and types of flowers you choose for your container garden. Group and display your pots to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement that will beautify your outdoor space and get the attention it deserves. What are you waiting for? Begin planning your container garden today.