Reviews of the best outdoor equipment

The best outdoor equipment can make a big difference to your leisure activities. They can really increase your levels of enjoyment and also give you that extra edge when it comes to your performance levels.

Taking advantage of the great outdoors is a fantastic way to escape from the daily grind, even if only temporarily. Feeling the sun on your back or breathing the fresh air can do wonders for your stress levels.

So can keeping fit and exercising, whatever the weather conditions. From canoeing and kayaking to hiking through the beautiful countryside or fell running, all can boost your fitness levels and help you forget the problems of the world for a while.

You don’t have to live in rural areas to enjoy being outdoors either. Cities have fantastic parks and beautiful countryside is nearly always only a short drive or train ride away, wherever you live.

Even if you’re not the sporty or athletic type, just spending quality time with your family camping is a great way to relax. Or maybe you’re a gardening addict dedicated to making your garden a magnificent summer sight, full of colour and beautiful scents, a real feast for the senses.

Some people prefer the easier outdoor life, of course. Golf is a wonderful outdoor pastime enjoyed by many. And chilling with friends or family in a hot tub is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time. The introduction of inflatable hot tubs has made this an affordable choice for most people.

Likewise, nothing beats a great barbecue party in the hot summer months where you can shoot the breeze with good friends.

Whatever floats your boat (literally, in some cases!), we aim to provide guides and reviews of all the best outdoor equipment so you can make the best and most informed buying decisions.

Outdoor Equipment Reviews

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