Golfing Gifts

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If you know someone who is a keen golfer then buying them golfing gifts is a great idea when it comes to special occasions such as their birthday or Christmas. There’s a huge range of golfing equipment available to buy, including clubs and balls, clothes and shoes, golf lessons, and so on. And there are also things to fit every budget. The only downside is there’s so much choice that deciding on those perfect golfer gifts for the person you’re buying for may be tricky. This article aims to give you with some ideas and tips to help you to choose the ideal gifts for a golfer.

Golfing Gift Ideas

Some Considerations

There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to buying golfing gifts.

First, it’s not necessarily the case that the most expensive equipment is the best equipment for the person for whom you are buying. Especially when it comes to golf clubs, what matters the most is not the cost of the equipment but how well it suits the user and how comfortable they feel with it.

And the latest, most trendy equipment isn’t necessarily the best either. A golfer needs to feel at ease with the equipment they are using in order to have full confidence in it. So the latest new-fangled putter may not be the best gift for a golfer who has always used a traditional putter in the past.

Finally, just because someone else you know loves a piece of equipment does not mean it will be perfect for your gift recipient. For example, a golfer’s swing and physical make-up are unique to them. So a driver that someone recommends to you may not be ideal for the recipient as the rhythm and tempo of their swing may be completely different, not to mention their height, the length of their arms, and so on.

That said, let’s take a look some golfing gifts ideas.

Golf Clubs

Along with golf balls, these are the most obvious gifts for a golfer. They can also be one of the most expensive gifts, though they don’t have to be. When buying golf clubs as a gift, it’s best that the recipient tries out the clubs before you buy them to see which feel best to them personally. So these aren’t really the best surprise golf gift idea.

Golf Balls

Another of the obvious golfing gifts, golf balls have the advantage of being inexpensive. And golfers always need more balls! You can get personalised golf balls with your own personal message engraved. But while these can make a nice, personal gift, if you’re buying balls for a serious golfer to use on the course they’d probably just prefer some higher quality balls.

Golf Clothes And Shoes

There’s a huge range of golf clothes in the shops these days. You can get everything from golf hats, gloves, shoes to shirts, jumpers and pants. All-weather clothing and gloves make good golfing gifts for the serious, year-round golfer. If you’re going to buy branded golf clothes, it’s as well to check what clothes the recipient currently owns and likes.

Other Golf Equipment

The golfing market is massive and there are all kinds of other golfing equipment you could buy as gifts for a golfer. Some traditional examples are golf bags, motorised golf trolleys, golfing umbrellas. You can also get GPS devices and laser rangefinders for measuring distances on the golf course, and golf training equipment such as putting machines and nets that they can put in the garden to practice their driving. You can even get golf watches with built-in GPS systems.

Personalised And Other Golfing Gifts

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to buy a golfer equipment that’s of practical use out on the course. Any gift with a golfing theme is a good gift idea for the golf enthusiast, especially personalised golf gifts that add that little extra touch. Examples are personalised golf balls, personalised watches with a golf theme, golf mugs and cups, and golf memorabilia. You could also buy a subscription to their favourite golf magazine.

Golf Lessons

If your budget isn’t limited, then golf lessons make a nice gift idea for someone who is serious about improving their golf game.

Golf Club Membership

Another golfing gift idea for those with a larger budget is to pay for their golf club membership for a year. This is obviously one of the most expensive golfing gifts you could buy though.

Golf Experience Days

You could also buy a golf experience day. These let the recipient do something golf-related that they wouldn’t normally be able to. Examples of these are golf days out at a course that they wouldn’t normally get to play. These often include the fees for the round and also a lunch.


If you know someone who is a keen golfer, then golfing gifts are an obvious choice when you are thinking what you can buy for them. There’s a huge range of golf products available with something to suit all budgets.