Cheap Mother’s Day gifts ideas

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Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mum how much you love and care about her. Why not celebrate all she has done in your life by buying her a wonderful Mother’s Day gift? Regardless of your budget, there is a gift out there to fit your price range. You can still give your mum something great on Mother’s Day without having to spend a lot of money by purchasing one of these cheap Mother’s Day gifts.

Inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts

Bonsai plants and bamboo plants

Bonsai plants and bamboo plants are a great alternative to the expensive bouquet of roses or exotic floral arrangements you see advertised for Mother’s Day.

You can still give your mum a beautiful plant without having to spend a lot.

Bonsai plants and bamboo plants can often be purchased at your local garden centre, in your local supermarket’s flower department or even online at the likes of Amazon.

They’re usually pretty cheap, so you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money by skipping the traditional fancy flowers.

These plants also last much longer than cut flowers, with many plants lasting years if they are taken care of properly.

This is a cheap Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving!

Homemade cookies or cupcakes

While many people buy expensive boxes of chocolate for their mums on Mother’s Day, baking desserts of your own is a much cheaper alternative and is likely to be more appreciated.

It also allows you to bake something customizable to your mum’s particular favorite tastes. If she is a sugar cookie gal, then bake her some tasty sugar cookies.

If she really likes yellow cake with white icing, then make her some in cupcake form! The possibilities for cheap and yummy Mother’s Day desserts are endless.

You can also decorate them with special icing “I Love You” and “#1 Mum” messages to be even more creative.

Your mum will not only love how good her gift tastes, she will appreciate that you made it yourself.

Framed picture of you together

It doesn’t cost much to develop one photograph and frame it. Your mum will love seeing a picture of the two of you together that she can display.

You can buy a frame that is already finished, or you can decorate one yourself with supplies from your local craft store.

Both are inexpensive and allow you to customize your gift to your mum’s decorating style.

The picture of you both is much cheaper, quicker, and easier than trying to create a whole scrapbook.

Plus, a framed picture can be on display for her to enjoy every day.

Cute apron and oven mitts

If your mum loves to cook and bake, then she will appreciate getting to use a cute apron and oven mitts next time she is in the kitchen.

You can find aprons and mitts with decorative patterns, animals, and sayings on them for very little money. Many big stores and supermarkets carry rotating styles of aprons and oven mitts.

This is a cheap Mother’s Day gift that she will enjoy on a regular basis. It is also much cheaper than trying to buy her the latest kitchen gadget.

Also, aprons and oven mitts come in a wide variety of styles to fit her personality, whereas kitchen gadgets and tools do not.

Your childhood book

If your mum read bedtime stories to you when you were a little kid, why not buy a piece of nostalgia with one of the books she used to read to you?

You can search for one of your childhood books at your local bookstore or online at Amazon, for example.

Most children’s books don’t cost very much, so you’ll be buying her a cheap Mother’s Day gift that she will love forever.

She will appreciate the sentimental value that the book has as well. You can read it on Mother’s Day for a trip down memory lane together!


The perfect present for your mum doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Take inspiration from these ideas for inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts and you can stick within a budget while still giving a thoughtful present your mum will adore and treasure.

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