Best Hoverboards For Kids Reviewed

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We take a look at the best hoverboards for kids currently on the UK market.

SOUTHERN-WOLF Hoverboard go Kart, Self Balance Scooter with Hoverkart 6.5 Inches Hoverboards for kids LED with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker Best Gifts for Kids Self Balancing Scooter 6.5"(Blue)
MARKBOARD Self Balancing Scooter with Hoverkart, Bluetooth Speaker 6.5" Smart Hoverboards, Electric Scooter Skateboard with LED Light
Southern Wolf Hoverboard
Markboard Self Balancing Scooter
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SOUTHERN-WOLF Hoverboard go Kart, Self Balance Scooter with Hoverkart 6.5 Inches Hoverboards for kids LED with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker Best Gifts for Kids Self Balancing Scooter 6.5"(Blue)
Southern Wolf Hoverboard
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MARKBOARD Self Balancing Scooter with Hoverkart, Bluetooth Speaker 6.5" Smart Hoverboards, Electric Scooter Skateboard with LED Light
Markboard Self Balancing Scooter
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Thousands of kids from my generation were sold the dream of hoverboards by Back To The Future Part Two in nineteen eighty-nine.

The first time I saw Marty McFly jump on that board and escape from the bad guys I was sold on the idea of this cool form of transport.

Then, of course, the laws of physics got in the way! Fast forward to today and although they don’t actually fly, hoverboards for kids are now a reality.

Yes they have wheels, and they certainly can’t hover over water like in the movies, but they can be just as much fun.

My son and daughter became interested in hoverboards after having played on their cousin’s one at a birthday party.

At age seven I wasn’t sure my daughter Hannah was old enough to ride one safely, but she’s confident on a bike and roller skates and has good balance.

I decided that it wouldn’t be fair for only one of my kids to have a hoverboard and as long as they have safety gear there’s nothing to worry about.

My quest to find the best hoverboard for kids started with some online research but fortunately I had the opportunity to test a few to see how they really perform.

Of course, as an adult, my hoverboard review was about safety, battery life and build-quality, whereas my kids wanted speed, fun and flashing lights!

Best Hoverboards for Kids Reviews

I was slightly confused when I started researching these products as they go by a few different names.

Some manufacturers call them self-balancing scooters, and they’re also referred to as segways. “Hoverboard” sounds much cooler of course!

As they’re aimed at kids they have really funky designs and come in a range of bright colours. Flashing lights and built-in speakers are as important as the ride!

As a parent safety was my number one concern. I wasn’t sure how fast hoverboards could travel and whether you could set limits on the top speed for younger kids.

Battery life and charging time was also on my shopping list of features as I know how disappointing it can be for impatient teenagers to have to wait to play with their gadgets!

I wanted the same models for both my kids and as one’s seven one the other thirteen I needed hoverboards that could carry different loads.

GeekMe Self Balancing Electric Scooter

This is one of the best selling hoverboards on the market so it seemed a good place to start.

The kids were so excited when it arrived and of course couldn’t wait to get their new toy charged and ready to play!

I took the time to read through the manual and found it easy to follow and reassuring in terms of the focus on safety features.

In spite of protests from my son Jake, I insisted the recommended helmet and knee pads were worn before the first ‘flight!’

My initial impression was that he GeekMe Hoverboard was well made and it had the feel of a vehicle rather than a toy. Hannah loved the bright purple design and I could see the appeal of the neon glow!

Key Features and Specification

The load capacity of the GeekMe Self-Balancing Scooter is stated as twenty to one hundred kilos in the manual, so I was happy this suited both my kids.

My daughter seemed to get the technique more easily and she was whizzing along and making smooth turns within a few minutes.

After a short test up and down our drive and pavement outside the house, we drove to a local car park in the evening to put the hoverboard through its paces. That was when Jake seemed to get the hang of it and he was soon performing impressive spins and tricks!

Dual 350W motors are powerful enough to make this a fun ride and the weight of my son made no difference to its speed.

Top speed is around 15km/h and this didn’t seem to bother the kids as it was easy to keep under control as you got used to controlling the vehicle. I was surprised that the battery lasted a good couple of hours of constant use including some at speed.

Riding a kids hoverboard is good exercise for them as balancing involves a lot of body movement. These are great for encouraging kids to get outdoors and play!

As it got dark it was time to test the GeekMe’s LED lights. I had expected these to appeal to my daughter more, but it was Jake who was really excited to see the board light up!

It really does look fantastic in the dark with the coloured lights on the end of each wheel glowing and flashing. To make it the ultimate vehicle for cool kids there’s also a Bluetooth speaker so it can blast out the latest tunes!

The one thing I think would improve the GeekMe Hoverboard is larger wheels. Its six and a half-inch wheels mean it runs low to the ground and on rough terrain this could make for a bumpy ride.

A couple of times in the testing rubbish got trapped underneath and it had to be brought to a stop. On pavements and tarmac this isn’t an issue, so it depends where your kids want to ride their hoverboards.


  • Excellent build quality, feels like will last hours of play.
  • Easy to follow instructions, easy to get started riding.
  • Futuristic design has strong appeal for kids up to teenagers.
  • Good battery life.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Braking can be sensitive.

Southern Wolf Hoverboard Go-Kart

SOUTHERN-WOLF Hoverboard go Kart, Self Balance Scooter with Hoverkart 6.5 Inches Hoverboards for kids LED with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker Best Gifts for Kids Self Balancing Scooter 6.5"(Blue)
  • ★Bluetooth: The hoverboard can connect to the Bluetooth, just enjoy your favorite music through your stereo speaker with premium sound quality while riding.
  • ★Multi-safety protection: Integrated battery overload protection system. Engine safety control system, certified to European standards. User safety is our priority. A tested, highly resistant battery will guarantee safety while driving.
  • ★Friendly design: Hoverkart adjustable length from 72cm to 85cm, this hoverkart very suitable for children and adults.
  • ★Resistant Design: Four inch wheel, more durable, stable when you use it. Ultra-smooth bearings for a smooth ride. you can fully control the Hoverboard with hardly any effort.
  • ★Tip: Parcels are sent in two separate warehouses, so you will receive two parcels. If you have any questions, please contact directly with our service, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

I knew I was in unfamiliar territory when I started looking for the best hoverboard for kids, but this product really surprised me.

I remember building go-karts from bits of old wood and pram wheels when I was a kid, so the idea of being able to motorise one had me really excited!

The Southern Wolf is a kids hoverboard just like the others in this review, but it comes with a go-kart frame with a built-in seat. Converting it takes just a couple of minutes so although this is a more expensive vehicle you get two toys for the price of one.

Key Features and Specification

The core specification of the Southern Wolf Hoverboard is similar to the GeekMe model’s, so on paper they compare well.

However, in a live test this hoverboard seemed to lack power and performance in comparison. It has dual 350W motors and the same six and a half-inch wheels. Maximum speed is stated as 15km/h, but it feels as if acceleration is slower. This is possibly limited as a safety feature, but my kids said it just wasn’t as much fun after ten minutes.

I thought the optional go kart frame might sway their decision and justify the extra cost of this hoverboard, but that didn’t really appeal to my kids.

I think they had their hearts set on hoverboards as the latest trend and the go-kart didn’t add anything.

It was quite hard to assemble, and poor instructions didn’t help. The adjustable frame size is a good feature and means it’s practical for a broad age range, but it just didn’t have a wow factor.

We visited the same car park for a longer test and even with space to accelerate and turn the go-kart frame was soon removed for a further hoverboard test.

The kids agreed that the Southern Wolf model looked just as cool with the lights on, but they weren’t as keen on the blue chassis.

It has a built-in speaker, but I don’t think the sound was as loud as the GeekMe produced.

After about an hour the hoverboard seemed to lose power and needed recharging. I wondered if the additional weight of the go-kart frame drained the power more quickly than operating just the hoverboard.


  • Nice design, quality feel.

Optional go-kart frame makes it two toys in one.

Appeal for teenagers as a go-kart.


  • Seemed to lack power.
  • Battery life drained quickly.
  • More expensive than comparable hoverboards.

Colorway Self Balancing Scooter

Hannah loved the look of the Colorway hoverboard and decided it was her favourite before we even had it charged.

The purple chassis with blue lights works really well as a design, and it’s more stylish than models I’ve seen with multi-colour lights.

The manual states that the Colorway hoverboard is certified to European safety standards, but it didn’t feel as robust and well made as the other models in my review.

Unfortunately, we had a problem charging the vehicle ready for use. It’s supposed to take two to three hours, but after a couple of hours it was still displaying the low battery warning. I tried to find some help online and read quite a few other comments about problems with charging and battery life for this model.

Key Features and Specification

Powered by dual 350W motors and with a top speed of 15km/h this sits in the same category as the other models in my hoverboard review.

We took it to the local park on a Sunday morning to see how it performed and the trip was nearly cut short by some rain showers.

The kids were still keen to test the Colorway Hoverboard so I took shelter under a tree and watched. It was interesting to see how these vehicles perform on wet surfaces, and it seemed to grip well even in tight turns.

The kids had spent a few hours riding hoverboards by now but they did come off a few times and seemed to struggle to control the Colorway model.

Jake said it was more responsive than others,  so if you try to slow down it can feel like you’ve hit the brake. Hannah seemed to get the hang of it more quickly so perhaps the weight of an older child makes it harder to control with precision.

The lights are very bright and were visible in daylight, and the speaker is loud enough that you can enjoy music as you ride along.

The surface of the pavements and playground at the park was similar to others we had tested hoverboards on, but both testers felt this was a bumpier ride. The tyres on this model are solid rather than inflatable, and I believe this is the reason.

After about half an hour the low battery warning light came on, and this meant play was cut short much to our disappointment. This suggested an issue with the battery or the charger, and we returned the Colorway hoverboard the next day.


  • Good price, a cheap hoverboard for kids.
  • Appealing design.


  • Issues with charging and battery life.
  • Lacks the quality build of other hoverboards.
  • The ride isn’t as smooth as other models.

Markboard Self Balancing Scooter with Hoverkart

MARKBOARD Self Balancing Scooter with Hoverkart, Bluetooth Speaker 6.5" Smart Hoverboards, Electric Scooter Skateboard with LED Light
  • BLUETOOTH FUNCTION: With the built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can connect the scooter to your phone or other device via Bluetooth and play your favorite music.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: The self balance scooter have passed all the necessary certified,each component is strictly controlled. which is completely safe to use.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES : The Hoverboards can be used by all ages from children to adults. Easy-to-learn self-balancing electric scooter that takes no more than 1 hour to control it totally.
  • FITTED WITH HOVERKART: The combination for the scooter and Go Kart provide a new, fashion experience for you.
  • WARRANTY: We provide one year standard warranty and free life-time technical support, make it a no worries gift for kids, teenagers and friends

For the final hoverboard test I was offered another model with the optional go-kart attachment.

For this model they call it a ‘Hoverkart’ and my kids were excited at the sound of this! Unfortunately, it lacked thrills and they quickly become bored with it.

The model I was sent for this hoverboard review was black and this didn’t have much appeal to Hannah. There are quite a few options available including pink and purple, so Markboard cater for different sexes and age groups.

Key Features and Specification

There was nothing special about this hoverboard so the fact it’s more expensive just means you’re paying for the go-kart extension. It has the standard dual 350W motors and states maximum load as twenty to one hundred kilos like the others in my reviews. Top speed is 15km/h.

In practical testing the Markboard hoverboard seemed to accelerate more slowly than other models and I wonder if this is some kind of gearing to cater for the potential extra weight of the go-kart frame.

The kids enjoyed riding it as a hoverboard and were able to perform tight turns and other tricks they’d picked up.

Unfortunately, the battery lost power after just under forty minutes. In my online research for the best hoverboard for kids I didn’t see any spare batteries for sale but this would be a good option for a parent.

The next day Jake was keen to test the Markboard Hoverkart attachment. The instructions to convert it weren’t clear and it became quite a complicated process.

In practice, I think you’d need to use this as a hoverboard or go-kart and not both. I was quite concerned about the poor build quality of the frame and the way it attaches. I’m no mechanic but wouldn’t trust this at speed, particularly if an older kid was in the seat. Jake nearly rolled the go-kart after turning at the bottom of a slope and by that point he’d had enough!


  • Range of colours and designs available.
  • Performs well as a hoverboard.
  • Optional go kart frame.


  • More expensive if a kid only wants a hoverboard.
  • Power drained quickly.
  • Go-kart frame doesn’t feel safe.
  • Converting between hoverboard and go-kart is a fiddly process.

Buyer’s Guide

Carrying out this exercise to find the best hoverboard was interesting for me and of course, my kids loved it! It’s amazing to see how toys and gadgets are advancing.

Of course, these aren’t actual flying hoverboards like the ones in Back To The Future but once you learn to balance they’re fast and highly manoeuvrable.

I’d definitely recommend safety gear as a few stumbles are inevitable in the first few hours.

Hoverboards are great for wrenching kids away from their smartphones and tablets and encouraging them to get out in the fresh air!

The following are some of the key features to consider and compare if you’re thinking of buying your kids a hoverboard.


Kids have firm ideas about what’s ‘cool’ and some hoverboards appeal more than others. A seven-year old girl is likely to love one that’s pink or purple with lots of flashing lights going by my experience! A teenage boy is likely to want a more subtle design.

Engine Power

350W motors to power each wheel seem to be standard for most kids hoverboards. A top speed of 15km/h is also pretty standard. This is enough power to make a hoverboard fun without great risk of accidents.

Maximum Load

A hundred kilos was the maximum load for the models I tested and this seems adequate for most youngsters. I wasn’t brave enough to ride one myself, but I think there would have been a noticeable drop in performance with an adult on board. If you’re buying one for a teenager remember they can grow quickly so the hoverboard may have a short lifespan!

Option Go-Kart

This wasn’t popular for my kids and they just wanted the hoverboard. Adding the go-kart frame does impact performance and I have concerns about safety with these.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

The GeekMe stood out as the best hoverboard for kids. It’s excellent value for money compared to others and has all the features you could want in these futuristic toys. I bought two once we’d had the opportunity to test others and weeks later they have a few scratches but work perfectly.

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